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Thermae Platystomou Resort & Spa

Loutra Platystomou, Platistomo, Griechenland
+30 223 602 2510


+30 223 602 2510


7.8/10 Gut
Basierend auf 67 Bewertungen


  • 2.0


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    Über das Hotel

    The medicinal springs of Platystomo were known to ancient people called Aeneans - (an ancient Thessalic tribe living in the area surrounded by the mountains Iti, Othrys and Tymfristos). There is no clear information about the usage of these springs during the Byzantine period or in the years of the Turkish Occupation. In the more recent years, however, these springs were used widely by the people of the area of Fthiotida, due to the medicinal properties of the water. The works of development of the two thermal-mineral springs basically started in 1929. At that time the area was landscaped and trees were planted. Moreover, a modern centre of Hydrotherapy and Mineral water drinking therapy was built, as well as the existing hotel "Asklepios" along with other tourist and infrastructure facilities, such as guesthouses, telephone office, post office, restaurant etc. During the of German occupation, the building of "Asklepios" was used as a headquarters by the Germans, while in the Civil War period, that followed, the facilities were looted and almost destroyed. It should also be mentioned that in Platystomo took place the surrender of arms at the end of the Civil War. The reconstruction started after the Liberation.  The facilities of the Medicinal Springs of Platystomo - from their founding up to 1970 were leased by the Greek state to a private investor. Upon the ending of the lease period, the facilities returned to the authority of the Greek Tourism Organization (EOT) and they were basically abandoned for many years. Already, the new ASKLEPIOS hotel has been constructed, the new Hydrotherapy and Spa centre, and the XENIA hotel has been renovated and expanded. In our hotels, ASKLEPIOS & XENIA, the discrete luxury of the accommodation spaces, the professional education of our staff, the smile and the eagerness for good service and the warm comfortable atmosphere, can make the stay of our visitors an unforgettable experience.

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    • Parkmöglichkeiten
    • inklusive Frühstück
    • Pool
    • Gratis WLAN
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    Möchtest du als deine Standardwährung festlegen oder nur für diese Sitzung behalten?