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Top-Airlines für Flüge von Berlin Brandenburg nach Langkawi

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Singapore AirlinesErgebnis aus 3914 Bewertungen
Positiv: "Price is good"
Negativ: "The food can be more improve"
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Positiv: "Price is good"
Negativ: "The food can be more improve"
Positiv: "Sehr attraktive und freundliche Crew. Ist nicht ohne Grund die weltbeste Airline. Würde am liebsten nur noch mit denen fliegen."
Negativ: "Nichts, schneller fliegen können die leider auch nicht."
Positiv: "Great Premium Economy experience with comfortable seats and extremely-hospitable cabin crew!"
Negativ: "Archaic In-Flight Wi-Fi Plans should be brought to modern-age plans."
Positiv: "Es war alles zur vollen Zufriedenheit"
Positiv: "Service, Verpflegung, Sitze"
Negativ: "Das Entertainmentangebot könnte mehr Deutschsprachige Filme beinhalten"
Positiv: "Amazing staff and service!"
Negativ: "None!"
Positiv: "Sehr nette Crew, kam immer wieder vorbei (Eco) und bot Getränke, Früchte und Chips oder mini Sandwiches an! Top!"
Negativ: "ich hatte nichts zu bemängeln einfach nur Top!"
Negativ: "Food could have been better."
Positiv: "Perfect!!!"
Positiv: "Singapore airline is amazing, great service and quality entertainment."
Negativ: "None"
Positiv: "- sehr bemühte und aufmerksame Crew, auch in der Economy - hervorragender Sitzabstand in der Eco - Flugzeug von SQ wie üblich nicht überbucht, daher einige freie Sitze - 2x warmes Essen in der Eco - fortlaufend aktives Getränkeangebot"
Negativ: "- auch auf diesem Flug schreiendes Baby, dass den Nachtflug fast zur Hölle macht - selbst in der Business-Class konnten die Passagiere nur dann Schlaf finden, wenn sie die active noise canceling Kopfhörer aufsetzen (wer damit schlafen kann)"
Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"
Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"
Positiv: "Great service."
Negativ: "Disinfectant smell."
Positiv: "Boarding was good and the flight time was shorter than expected."
Negativ: "My son did not like any of the meal selections between beef and fish. We asked for a ramen noodle cup instead that the flight crew denied they had, only after seeing them offer it to another family just seconds before. I was very disappointed!! I believe the flight attendant knew of my concerns because she started asking me if the service was ok. If your doing a good job, then you won’t have to ask."
Positiv: "In flight entertainment systems"
Negativ: "I had beef with mashed potatoes but I found the beef was quite tough."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist 4 Stunden später gestartet."
Negativ: "Wir haben dafür etwas zu Essen bekommen."
Positiv: "A380 ist ein tolles Flugzeug"
Positiv: "The main course"
Negativ: "Items missing or substituted in the veg but was ok in regular meals. In one veg serving, no salad or dessert was included. Margarine instead of butter for only in the veg meal."
Negativ: "Cabin temperature was really hot."
Negativ: "Hostesses not so pleasant"
Negativ: "Some staff not courteous which surprised me"
Positiv: "Staff worked very hard and were very helpful."
Negativ: "The staff were run off their feet trying to help the families with babies and toddlers. The flight was not pleasant because of the crying and screaming children around us."
Positiv: "Great set up with two seats, window and aisle"
Positiv: "Flight is comfortable, food is nice. Most importantly, the flight was on time."
Negativ: "The entertainment system requires additional setup, and need my own mobile device. My mobile device was low in battery while I'm on my flight, so I'm not able to view any movies during the flight."
Negativ: "The seats and there is not much leg room"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "My flight was delayed by 2 hours so I missed my connecting flight in Singapore. There was a huge queue of people who missed their connecting flight cos of an accident in the runway. The airline did nothing to prepare for this situation. It took hours to get another flight organised, communication was non existent and refreshments took ages to come. Airline didn't help with finding a hotel for stranded passengers."
Positiv: "Service was spot on and food was good. Very comfortable flight overall."
Positiv: "More leg room than other airlines, superb service and excellent food!"
Positiv: "This time I made the mistake of flying with my kids (4 and 6). The flight or them was last minute (booked less than 8 hours before take off) so there were no pre-planned kids meals etc. The in cabin team were awesome! They made sure they go a choice of meals, that they had things to do, that they were enjoying the flights. This on top of the usual awesome that they have."
Negativ: "It's still in Huston. Flying economy isn't the same as flying business but my bank account says I need the cheaper option. Can we please move this flight to DFW instead? :-)"
Positiv: "All the crews were friendly and helpful!"
Negativ: "I wanted to watch Hindi movies with subtitles..."
Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"
Positiv: "Gutes Team"
Negativ: "Essen"
Positiv: "Everyone was cold asking for blankets it was freezing on that plane only major complaint, I love the airlines, the flight attendants are lovely and gracious, they really do try. Such a nice treat after flying United airlines all year!"
Negativ: "Too cold"
Negativ: "Die Besatzung war schlecht gelaunt und hat bei Gentränkebestellung dies mehrmalls vergessen."
Positiv: "Natalie is a friendly cheery diligent flight attendant who needs special mention. (Sigapore to Brusane fight 6.1.18)"
Positiv: "crews were helpful"
Negativ: "nobody suggested me about $20 discount coupon card . I could have enjoyed my meal free while waiting in teansit."
Positiv: "Service, food, in-flight entertainment"
Negativ: "What happened to amenity bags in Business class? Slippers and socks were at the seat and toothbrush kits were in the bathrooms and we're always re-filled."
Positiv: "The ground staff at JFK, especially Jon, were very helpful and friendly. The flight crew was also very friendly."
Positiv: "Service, friendliness of stewards and stewardesses, great menus, they go the extra mile to make you happy--- no request was a burden for them. We were in Business Class and it was full- but Service and professionalism was top-notch!"
Negativ: "Only one small issue--- why were bottles of water not already handed out and placed in the drink holders before boarding in Business. Many of us had to ask for it and they were readily given out but you had to ask or you didn't get one."
Positiv: "great service"
Negativ: "too long"
Positiv: "Singapore Airlines hat mich ohne Probleme nach New York geflogen und ich wurde nicht bedroht, verwirrt und verarscht und blöd angemacht!!!"
Positiv: "I like the personal TV, my foot rest and water holder frequent water serve,"
Negativ: "For me coffee is too strong, and I like the food on the way to Tokyo better than on the way back to LA"
Positiv: "Service was great."
Negativ: "Bit on the cold side."
Positiv: "The on-board crew was polite and humble. Food served was delicious and the flight reached on time."
Negativ: "The flight was quite old, was a bit surprised as the route seems very busy. Our seat 36J and K interestingly had no windows. First time flew on a flight with no window row."
Positiv: "Boarding was good"
Negativ: "Old plane, bad food selection and they run out of omelette in the morning - only seafood as option. Not rude crew but wouldn't call them friendly or welcoming."
Positiv: "Efficient boarding and arrival"
Negativ: "Old plane, entertainment system is outdated, food not good and they went out of the good stuff (e.g. only seafood noodles for breakfast?!)"
Positiv: "Service is very good."
Negativ: "Too warm/hot inside the cabin throughout the flight."
Positiv: "Great flight and entertainment options, friendly crew, free wine :)"
Positiv: "Very comfortable great personal service. Smooth flight,on schedule."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "No delays"
Negativ: "Everything"
Negativ: "N"
Positiv: "Comfortable, clean, good crew, early landing."
Negativ: "15 minutes stuck on the bus at disembarkation sucked."
Positiv: "The crew were super patient (a must when dealing with the quality of passengers from Trichy who were lacking in manners and etiquette)."
Negativ: "Boarding was chaotic. The majority of passengers seem to not be used to the normal manners and etiquette of queuing and it was chaotic with pushing. Some discipline and order needs to be enforced by ground crew (and this will no doubt make the cabin crews' lives easier)."
Positiv: "Enjoyed buying extended leg room"
Negativ: "Water should be a standard on a 4 hour flight"
Positiv: "Scoot in silence"
Negativ: "I could not cancel my flight. There is option to cancel only first 24h, then you have to call them and that doesn't work."
Positiv: "Amazig Airplane"
Positiv: "N/A"
Negativ: "N/A"
Positiv: "Not sure if I have much trust in the crew. Most of the female crew would walk past passengers who had their seats reclined or in the toilets and other situations and wouldn’t notice (during take off and landing) and the guy would come past later and do her job for them. Ground staff in Bangkok"
Positiv: "Friendly crew. Toilets kept clean. Nice ambience with the cabin lighting."
Negativ: "My seat had a broken recliner button. Seat would recline but not stay reclined. If I sat up, seat would come up with me."
Positiv: "The food was good. The service very good. Check in was so fast."
Negativ: "Internet charge was very expensive and electrical outlet could not hold my charger. It kept falling out"
Positiv: "Crew were kindly"
Negativ: "Seats can be more comfortable"
Negativ: "I need wheelchair but your crew an Indian Lady I think in the check -in counter did not give me wheelchair from Singapore. She said but in Mla she assigned wheel chair but when in Manila they said Scoot did not assigned wheelchair inmy ticket. I hate you Scoot and I will never take scoot again in any of my up coming trips"
Positiv: "Head rest not comfortable. Short distance okay not long one."
Negativ: "Plane is old i think. Take off and landing time plane some shaky and sound not pleasant."
Positiv: "Extremely rude."
Negativ: "I got sick on the flight from some food poisoning and the crew acted put out when I asked for some water."
Positiv: "Clean"
Negativ: "I am not sure why they were delayed."
Positiv: "The Business Class bed was nice"
Negativ: "The whole experience was terrible. Scoot decided to - delay flight by 45 minutes without telling me. I discovered this by checking myself - chartered a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 and then reduced then quality of every Business Class service (no entertainment system videos or music, no alcohol or soft drinks - only water, only Economy class food. There was no apology from Scoot (who are a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) and none from Singapore Airlines. There was no suggestion of any refunds or other compensation. Truly a disgrace. I will never fly on either Singapore Airlines or Scoot airline again. I am seeking further compensation through Australian Fair Trading and through Class Action Lawyers (as this impacted every passenger on this flight, not just Business Class)"
Negativ: "Wasn’t allowed to board the plane because my passport only had five months left on it but you still let me book the flight and I was not refunded"
Negativ: "You can choose your seat but when you pay you can choose a seat and I don’t like this"
Negativ: "The flight cancelled.first we boarded twice and been waiting for 7 hours Inside and outside the plane thereafter they gave up and decided to cancel it was nightmare"
Positiv: "On Time No Frills.Overall Good"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "It was a good flight"
Negativ: "The long delay......"
Positiv: "Personal was friendly and helpful. Check in was fully automated and the personal helped us with it, since was new to us. Plane was clean and toilets were cleaned during the flight."
Negativ: "There was no free meal and drinks. Usually for flights above 2h you have to get free water at least. Seats are very tight and uncomfortable. Not enough space for the legs."
Positiv: "Overall it was a good flight."
Negativ: "No offer to book my seat assignment during the booking process. A kiosk check-in would be a nice addition."
Positiv: "The Staff were friendly and efficient, considering the flight time being very short. The Flight Crew got us to our destination 10 mins ahead of schedule, considering also that we were 15 mins behind sitting on the runway for take off, which in effect meant they made up 25 mins. Fantastic job. The Aircraft was clean and well maintained. The seats were comfortable in economy for me, but unfortunately my Husband being a larger tall man was cramped and didn’t have a lot of room to move."
Negativ: "As the flight was very short the choice of food was limited and the selection was not good, as the choice I required ran out at the first two rows, which were not occupied by many passengers at all. A very light passenger load. The pricing was a little high for the snacks and tiny bottles of water."
Negativ: "Seats we given did not recline .as they were just in front of emergency exit . The extra leg room seats were empty, but would have to pay extra to sit on them"
Negativ: "I didn't realise I was going to be in such a poor airline after booking through the Singapore Airlines website. There was hardly any space, food options were limited, there was no entertainment, they even charged for water! Equal worst airline with jetstar"
Positiv: "boarding is thru gate and not tarmac"
Negativ: "food are expensive."
Positiv: "Ok time"
Negativ: "No free drink"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed for over 30 mins."
Positiv: "Guter Flug, alles ok......................................................"
Negativ: "Nichts auszusetzen bis auf wenig Beinfreiheit........................................"
Positiv: "Food are excellent. Legroom is good for a budget airlines. Crew are nice"
Negativ: "The process to check and pay for a bag at the airport was ridiculous. We waited in line to check the bag, found out that since we hadn't paid for it ahead of time, we could get the bag checked but would need to go stand in a new line to pay for it and could not have the bag tag until this was done. Then the new line only had one agent working all of the people who needed to pay for their bags. When we got to the front, we were asked to pay the bag fee with a credit card and the processing fee in cash. Since we were only connecting in Singapore, of course we did not have cash. She could not process the charge, walked us over to a new desk and a new line where they processed the bag charge without the cash fee (how this wasn't done initially, I have no idea) and finally, we were finished with the check in process an hour later."
Positiv: "Being a budget airline, you really get what you pay for. Seats do not recline. Minimum legroom. I was thankful that it was only a 1-hour flight"
Negativ: "Stiff, uncomfortable seats without controls. Just adequate legroom for a 5’3” person"
Negativ: "It was moving a lot!!! :\"
Positiv: "check in - fast via machine. boarding - organized. crew helped out with baggage. flight - took off on time after short taxi and landed early"
Negativ: "equipment could use refurbishment"
Positiv: "Boarding"
Negativ: "Confort"
Positiv: "Der Flug war pünktlich und schneller als geplant am Ziel. Die Dame beim Check-In hat uns aufgrund unserer Größe netterweise an den Notausgang platziert - ohne Nachfrage!"
Negativ: "Es gab aufgrund der Kürze des Fluges, außer etwas zu trinken, keine Verpflegung."
Positiv: "Cheap"
Negativ: "Disorganized boarding"
Positiv: "Personal und Service sehr nett"
Negativ: "Flugkomfort dem Flugpreis nicht angemessen"
Positiv: "The crew was really nice, saw them help several people put their luggage in the overhead bin."
Negativ: "There was absolutely no complimentary service at all, a bit unusual compared to flights we've taken in the past (domestic and international). No offer of free water, what's up with that?!?! There was no entertainment on board for an overnight flight, no blanket, no pillow. And on top of that we paid too much to check in a bag when we arrived at the airline desk because we didn't include it through our Kayak booking. Had we known there was a method to follow, we would have to avoid the excessive fee."
Positiv: "gut"
Positiv: "Netter Service"
Negativ: "Aber für große Menschen zu eng, weniger als bei AirBerlin ;)"
Negativ: "Delay one hour"
Positiv: "Effizient. Getränke etc kosten extra"
Positiv: "Boarding was quick and plane embarked on time. ScootBiz seats pretty comfortable although don’t seem to recline much more than economy. Overall good flight though."
Positiv: "We were given the opportunity to bid for an upgrade which was totally worth it! We will definitely fly with Scoot again."
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