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Kenya AirwaysErgebnis aus 1258 Bewertungen

Great hospitality

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Great hospitality

Positiv: "It’s acctually the second time , just last week 23rd , our flight with delta got delayed that made us missed our connecting flight and I had to pass through Nairobi, female crew serving snacks came over to me with snacks and told me I ordered low fat food which I did and I asked her if it was ok if I had chicken that day she insisted that had ordered low fat mean and that’s what she has to serve me and I had to tell her again I needed chicken, she started arguing with me over snacks she got offended and she just threw food in my hand almost dropped to the floor , I think that was not professional at all. And today again coming to Nairobi the female crew came over serving snacks again and requested if I could have some wet wipes my hands were dirty dirty because had seen a crew handing out with to the people in the front raw but she answered me it was in the bank and she kept on and I again asked the male crew and he explained to me that they mostly don’t give wet wipes for short flights but I had wet wipes when I flew to Nairobi from Amsterdam and I had too when I left Nairobi to Uganda , what’s the point of serving foods when passengers gotta eat with dirty hands , and today again-the same female crew skipped the first raw of two males with snacks who were seated in front of us and even if they told her they missed the snacks, she stood there and called the male crew just unprofessionally to bring the snacks for the gentleman and she just never cared . I think they should do better thanks ."
Negativ: "They should be more professional and friendly to people they act like they don’t care sometimes ."
Negativ: "No screens on this aircraft"
Negativ: "Die Bestuhlung der Business Class ist bei Oman Air besser, da hat jeder Sitz Zugang zum Gang. Bei der KLM ist der Fensterplatz im Nachteil, weil er über den Gangplatz klettern muss. Ich wollte auch lieber den Gangplatz, bekam ich aber nicht."
Positiv: "Barely functioning entertainment portal. Average food."
Negativ: "Delayed by 4 hours, no explanation!"
Negativ: "Der Flug wurde bereits einmal zu unseren Ungunsten nach hinten verschoben und heute kurze Zeit vor Abflug erneut um unglaubliche 80 min! So saßen wir insgesamt knapp 5 std. aus Kisumu kommend in Nairobi am Airport! Unangenehm!!!"
Positiv: "The crew was amazing. Smooth take off and landing"
Negativ: "Meal options. The only available options were sandwiches. A bag of nuts would have been nice"
Positiv: "I was upgraded to first class!"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "I enjoyed the flight and the host were so friendly and kind."
Positiv: "No delay."
Negativ: "N/A"
Negativ: "Late departure led to missed connections, but Kenya Airways did not provide much assistance with this. No-one on hand to upon disembarkation to help affected passengers. I just managed to get my onward flight, but my baggage did not make it, so I am awaiting that."
Positiv: "The crew was professional and gave me undivided attention. The food was good. I enjoyed the flight"
Negativ: "Cabin crew could have checked up on me more often for anything I would need inbetween the meals"
Positiv: "I had an entire row to myself so this greatly improved my experience, but if this had not been the case I don't think I would have rated my flight as high."
Positiv: "Kenya Airways changed their flight schedule 48 before our departure. The change meant an extra night before departure and an 11 hour layover in Nairobi before our connecting flight. The KA booking agent provided us with accommodation for the delay and the long layover. We appreciated that."
Negativ: "We lost 24 hours in our travel. It was reasonable of the airline to provide accommodation during the delay but the night in Nairobi was at a very dismal hotel where the food quality was terrible."
Positiv: "Both segmrnts left on time. The on- flight crew were pleasant. The 787 on first flight comfortable in biz class for a nap. Food service well carried out by crew."
Negativ: "The 737 on second flight ....the long overnight one... Was very uncomfortable in biz class. On arrival in Nairobi...the hub city...there was no staff. A.c. no working or escalator in airport. Biz line for security not open. Food below average. No breakfast as we one meal."
Positiv: "Service and flight tines"
Negativ: "Asked for a non middle seat and got stuck both legs"
Positiv: "moderne Flugzeuge erstklassiger Service lokale Speisen"
Negativ: "nicht die allerneusten Filme beim Unterhalltungsprogramm"
Positiv: "I liked the staff members in the plane. they were very nice"
Negativ: "the food portions are too small"
Positiv: "Once we got on the plane, everything was okay."
Negativ: "Every moment leading up to the airplane. From our flight being delayed 13 hours, to people not helping us with a hotel when we had a 12 hour layover to start with. They said we needed to talk to only the Kenya Airways representatives in Addis where we left from. We did... and they didn't say anything. After that they refused to help us in Nairobi. There were all these secret ways of getting help that they said we didn't qualify for. Supervisors and managers were not available unless I left their desk and went to departures. They said I would have to go back through immigration.. but thankfully, right before I did, someone came and spoke to me. From our several interactions, we received no apologies, but felt that the theme was that everything was my fault.. not the best feeling as a customer. Only my one chat with the supervisor was very nice. She was very patient, sat down with me and helped direct my concerns. Especially with a 13 hour delay. Nairobi seemed great, but our interactions with the staff really took away from our experience. And we missed our vacation in the end.."
Positiv: "Nice flight on 787. Nice crew"
Negativ: "Chicken served twice. Only other choice was vegitation"
Negativ: "My flights were changed a lot the week before my flight even though I had booked months ahead."
Positiv: "I like that the trip had no stops and the food was ok."
Negativ: "The check-in counter did not have a credit card machine for me to pay my extra bag fee. This made things very inconvenient for me because I didn't have cash. I had to leave the airport to find a place with wifi because I didn't have service and the airport doesn't have WiFi. I had to contact a family back home in the US to wire me money. The money never came thru and I had to make a cash advance with my credit card which resulted in me having to pay fees. The entire process almost caused me to miss my flight and the lady at the check-in counter tried to keep my change. After wasting all the time getting the money to pay for the extra bag fee the staff were rushing me to get to the plane and threatening me I would be left behind even though it's not my fault I'm running late. I was not happy with my experience."
Positiv: "The easy and comfortable element of the flight."
Negativ: "I didn’t really hear any boarding announcements, it would of been to be told we would be debording the plane by steps in the rain"
Positiv: "Te time of te flight"
Negativ: "The temperature of the cabin was ridiculous. The entertainment didn't work and the food was poor."
Positiv: "On board movie selection is good, however could be a bit larger."
Positiv: "Flights were on time and aircraft were well serviced"
Negativ: "No complaints"
Positiv: "The flight attendants were the best! I fly a lot every year, but I found the flight attendants among the best I have ever had. In addition, the flight was early in arrival! I love Kenya Airways!"
Positiv: "The best flight attendants who met my needs with prompt, positive, politeness. Again, my highest regards for Kenya Airways!"
Positiv: "Well 1 out of our 3 bags arrived in Bujumbura, Burundi. We had an overnight flight arrived in in Nairobi at 6:00A, sat around the airport until 5:30P and all our clothes didn’t make it to our destination"
Negativ: "Lost our bags and now we are figuring out what to wear"
Positiv: "The check-in and in-flight service were up to expectations. Friendly, efficient and professional"
Negativ: "The 737 is too old and the business class seats need to be changed. They did not recline fully and the door rest also could not be extended completely. Consequently, the seating and resting postures were extremely uncomfortable."
Positiv: "Food was not bad at all. Nice selction of indie African films."
Negativ: "Seat couldnt recline. crew didnt answer to call. somewhat chaotic.not enough time between meal and coffee. Blanket was scant. No butter with breadroll"
Positiv: "Well, I missed it due to multiple delays out of Nairobi -- so not much good to say."
Negativ: "Delayed. Staff in Nairobi swore up and down that I'd be able to take the bottle I bought in duty free onto my connecting flight in Mumbai, but it was confiscated at customs -- so thanks a lot."
Positiv: "The crew was professional and friendly."
Negativ: "My flight was delayed. The gate changed at least four times with no clear announcement."
Positiv: "Not much"
Negativ: "35 minute departure delay with not even an attempt at an explanation. Broken seat. Cramped."
Positiv: "-Professional and courteous service by crew members. -Smooth flight, thanks to captain/pilot -Aircraft comfort."
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Crew were solid overall but felt they are not yet at the highest standards of service in terms of friendliness"
Negativ: "Entertainment system required every movie to have an intro about Kenya which when switching items became v repetitive"
Negativ: "nothing"
Negativ: "hospitality"
Negativ: "In a lot of airports, if a flight is delayed, the airline is aware and holds planes on the ground for a few mins if there are multiple people that will miss the connection. In this case, we were delayed for 2 hours, arrive to Nairobi and am at the gate 15 mins before and they sent me to customer service as the gate had just closed. More than 5 other people on the flight missed this common connection as well. Not only did KQ not have a system in place to work with other flights, the service area was completely swamped. People missed their connections because they couldn't get to the front in time to have a boarding pass printed or have a question answered. The staff were rude and didn't give eye contact or answer questions."
Negativ: "Poor Service. Did not care attitude."
Positiv: "Late arrival Nairobi. missed flight"
Negativ: "Late arrival Nairobi. missed flight"
Positiv: "Client oriented crew"
Negativ: "Delay in departure time"
Positiv: "My bags arrived gate agent efficient"
Negativ: "The fact there was no such reservation for me from Lusaka to Nairobi"
Positiv: "I loved the short flight will book again!"
Negativ: "Everything was great!"
Positiv: "Flight management was okay from Mombasa up to landing in Nairobi"
Negativ: "Plane could not park at the domestic arrival, yet at the international slot we had to wait over 15 Minutes without communication by crew. Captain only announced when parking slot became available. It took long to get baggage delivered to domestic side and when baggage arrived some including mine were wet with stinking liquid in spite of no rain around airport. at the end Passengers on a later flight made it smoothly out and eventually lost 45 minutes since landing and dirty baggage."
Positiv: "Food and service"
Negativ: "Time to update, renovate and scale up the fleet flying Africa. Impossible to sleep in economy."
Positiv: "The flight was delayed in leaving but the Captain didn't say anything until we were about to land. The overnight flight was pleasant but the food was pretty mediocre."
Negativ: "Crew were pretty good and the Dreamliner is an excellent aircraft, particularly in business class."
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Sicherheitsmaßnahmen von Fluggesellschaften, die nach Malindi fliegen

Fluggesellschaften, die nach Malindi fliegen, haben zusätzliche Sicherheitsmaßnahmen ergriffen und ihre Richtlinien angepasst, um Reisende in der aktuellen Situation besser zu befördern. Die Richtlinien variieren je nach Fluggesellschaft.

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