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Top-Airline für Flüge von Frankfurt/Main nach Freeport

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
American AirlinesErgebnis aus 47071 Bewertungen
Positiv: "The pilot did a great job navigating around the bad weather and the landing was amazing, I barely felt anything! Thank you to them and the flight attendants!"
Negativ: "Nothing"
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Positiv: "The pilot did a great job navigating around the bad weather and the landing was amazing, I barely felt anything! Thank you to them and the flight attendants!"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "The entertainment program was exceptional."
Negativ: "The crew wasn't very friendly and gave the impression they were tired of their jobs. The afternoon 'snack' pizza disguised as a hot-pocket in a small box was served 40 minutes before landing. This snack wasn't enough and wa served far too late for a flight that lasted 11 hours."
Positiv: "Excellent Service"
Negativ: "More recent movies"
Negativ: "The chairs could be better in economy"
Negativ: "On line booked ticket in wrong name and they would not change or refund"
Negativ: "kleines Frühstück für umsonst"
Positiv: "Crew was great"
Negativ: "Side seats suck"
Negativ: "Extra food."
Negativ: "May be legg more room, either I gain way or the seat are smaller. But I got home safe, so I will use you again."
Positiv: "Gratis Upgrade in die First bekommen - eigene Suite!"
Negativ: "alles gut"
Positiv: "Included beverage"
Negativ: "No headphones"
Positiv: "Great service from crew!"
Negativ: "Satisfied all around..."
Positiv: "Good overall service level of AA"
Negativ: "USB-, and Audio plugs are misplaced in the AA Premium Economy seats. Acrobatic skills required to connect/disconnect devices"
Positiv: "Das bordprogramm filmauswahl"
Negativ: "Vom Einchecken übers umsteigen war alles schlecht organisiert Und am Ende ging auch noch mein Gepäck verloren!"
Positiv: "Not much to like. When do we get bicycle seats that require us to pedal the airplane?"
Negativ: "Baggage showed up on the wrong carousel. Baggage staff very rude. Manager was perfect but no way to update the display when things get screwed up. I think they can afford more staff. Bags delivered the next day while some folks had to wait two days."
Positiv: "On time"
Negativ: "No wifi"
Positiv: "Sehr nette crew"
Negativ: "Crew kannte die Maschine nicht, Fluggäste wurden gratis umgesetzt"
Positiv: "Könnten einen früheren Flug finden"
Negativ: "Leider nicht den gleichen Status bekommen"
Negativ: "They charged EUR 50 for the 1st bag of luggage on an international flight. I never heard this before."
Positiv: "Entertainment was good, meals were served, flight was on time."
Negativ: "Did not know that we did not fly with British Airlines (as I had printed out before my first flight to Germany) was replaced with American Airlines. I lost valuable time at the airport and almost missed the flight. Chaotic and unexpected baggage problems before boarding to Dallas: the board luggage, same as we had on the way over, was not accepted and had to be checked in. Problem since we had to move laptop, etc. before the actual boarding. Attendants not as professional as they should be. Also seats were changed -- I was not able to sit with my daughter who regularly gets travel sickness. Overall not a good experience. But the worst: changing airlines and not being informed!!!!"
Positiv: "Easy boarding"
Negativ: "Tight seats, poor food, rude flight staff. Doesn’t anyone at American Airlines smile. Don’t they understand that we can choose to fly with an airline that has friendly crew"
Positiv: "Great classical music selection, great entertainment program. Unfortunately, not working for all, system was re booted but didn't work for all but for me"
Negativ: "The special meal I requested was not available"
Positiv: "Flugzeug war ein altes Flugzeug meine ich. Durchdas es nicht voll besetzt war hatte ich einen 3er Sitz für mich alleine. Super Besatzung wirkte auf mich gestresst ganzes Team war auch untereinander nicht harmonisch. Bordunterhaltung gabs nur in Oben alle 3 bis Sitzreihen einen TV dort konnte man Film schauen, nicht nach eigener Wahl. Sonst konnte man Film und Unterhaltung im Händy oder schauen Tablet herunterladen.Brauchst einfach gute Batterien dafür es gab keine Auflade Möglichkeiten, nur am Airport."
Negativ: "Besatzung Bordunterhaltung Verpflegung,alles mit Kartongschachteln wurdest nicht gefragt was du willst. Wurde einfach wauf den Klapptisch hingeknallt. Alles in allem sonst ruhig sauber und in Ordnung."
Positiv: "Dass ich sogar einen Kaffe und einkleiner Snack in Form von kleienem Keks bekam. Ich war vorbereitet, dass ich nichts erhalte.Hatte etwas zu Essen dabei. Freundliches Personal Bordunterhaltung nur bezahlbar und übers Laptop oder Handy Hatte Auflade Möglichkeiten beim vorder Sitz.."
Positiv: "The person I sat next to was kind, as was the crew."
Negativ: "The seats in economy are too close to the row in front and too narrow. You can barely move. Its claustrophobic, even for a person not prone to it. I had to upgrade my seat to avoid this as I was in those horrid seats on the trip over. Crew from the late arriving flight should have announced the connecting flight delay well before landing at DFW. The flight should have been held for 20 minutes, as it appeared that the majority of the passengers affected were able to clear customs and arrive at the gate in time."
Positiv: "Flight was on time"
Negativ: "Seat width, height, pitch and aisle width were absolute minimum. Very uncomfortable !!!"
Negativ: "Keine Boarungerhaltung, unfreundliches Personal, grosse Verspätungen und enge Sitze. Und dies alles für Interkontinentalraketen Flügen. Alles schlecht bei American Airlines. Nie mehr."
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "All good"
Positiv: "The crew was probably the only positive thing of the flight."
Negativ: "Late boarding because of downsizing plane and overbooking, than sitting on a plane for an additional hour after boarding completed while it was very hot inside. Departed and landed with a delay. Very old airplane with no individual fans above the seats, no outlets to charge devices and no entertainment system."
Positiv: "The precision of bookings thru airlines were right on the spot.."
Negativ: "The long lay over.."
Positiv: "Most everything was great"
Negativ: "When you have an isle seat, it is very difficult to sleep when you get bumped by the flight attendants every time they pass you. Understanding that there is limited space, just giving feedback"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war freundlich und aufmerksam. Leider sind beide Flüge verspätet abgeflogen."
Negativ: "Essen war sehr gut. Sitzplätze gemütlich mit genug Platz für Beine."
Positiv: "Extra coffee/tea available outside of the standard food times."
Positiv: "The staff was great, luckily an pretty empty flight"
Negativ: "The food in coach is a disgrace. It’s terrible a few $$ More and it would actually be have way decent"
Positiv: "Alle waren aufmerksam, auf dem Flug selbst lief alles reibungslos."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte 30 Minuten Verspätung und mein Koffer traf mit einem eheren Flieger ein und stand deshalb relativ unbeaufsichtigt in der Gegend rum."
Positiv: "The plane and crew were good."
Negativ: "The adult movie selection was not interesting. I ended up watching a children's Disney movie that proved to be more entertaining. What caused my discomfort during the flight was not due to British Airways or American Airlines, but rather was a problem at the Frankfurt terminal. I could not take a bottle of water thru the security check and there was no water fountain after the security check. I have a lot of food sensitivities and cannot drink bottled water. It was only at the end of the flight when I was desperate for water that I discovered I could get some tap water from a flight attendant."
Positiv: "Friendly service, smooth flight and quick boarding time."
Negativ: "All good!"
Negativ: "Im Prinzip war der Flug in time gelandet. Aber dann 40 Minuten gewartet bis ein Gate frei ist. Danach ewiges warten auf den Koffer. Sehr schlechter Service, keine Informationen."
Positiv: "Plenty of entertainment."
Negativ: "It’s just a long flight there’s no way to change that."
Positiv: "Plane was lightly booked so plenty of room to sit and storage space."
Negativ: "Plane left FRA 25 min late and occured more delay during flight. Came into DFW with 50 min delay and had to go through TSA again for connecting flight - why? So missed the connecting flight to LAX and had to get rebooked."
Positiv: "The flight attendant was sweet and nice; flight was not full so I got to have a row to myself."
Negativ: "I was surprised there was no beverage service at all. On my flight from Roanoke to Charlotte, same length flight, we were served water and pretzels. I would have liked a beverage."
Positiv: "Flug Personal war OK aber für sitze waren sehr klein und musste Arm gegen Arm mit Sitznachbarn fliegen. (Unsere Maschine war ein Boeing 787)."
Negativ: "Essen war auch nicht sehr gut."
Positiv: "price"
Negativ: "seats should be priced based on passengers' weight."
Positiv: "Very punctual; courteous crew. Ver smooth ride"
Negativ: "Nothing. It was excellent."
Positiv: "Entertainment"
Negativ: "Breakfast"
Positiv: "sehr gutes Essen und Unterhaltungsprogramm."
Negativ: "Sitze waren ok,"
Negativ: "Eine uralte Maschine mit wenigen zentralen Monitoren für die Bordunterhaltung"
Positiv: "Awesome service"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war super. Es gab häufig Essen und Trinken"
Negativ: "Leider ist das Flugzeug mit einer Verspätung von knapp einer Stunde losgeflogen."
Informationen zu COVID-19

Sicherheitsmaßnahmen von Fluggesellschaften, die von Frankfurt am Main nach Freeport fliegen

Fluggesellschaften, die von Frankfurt am Main nach Freeport fliegen, haben zusätzliche Sicherheitsmassnahmen ergriffen und ihre Richtlinien angepasst, um Reisende in der aktuellen Situation besser zu befördern. Die Richtlinien variieren je nach Fluggesellschaft.

Erhöhte Hygienemaßnahmen

Das Flugzeug wird täglich gereinigt. HEPA-Filter wurden auf Flügen von Frankfurt am Main nach Freeport in der Kabine installiert.


An Bord muss ein Mund- und Nasenschutz getragen werden. Masken werden auf Flügen von Frankfurt am Main nach Freeport bereitgestellt.

Abstandsregeln für Sitzplätze

Sitzplätze in der Mitte auf Flügen von Frankfurt am Main nach Freeport nicht verfügbar

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2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
25:30 Std.FRA-FPO
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
19:40 Std.FPO-FRA
894 €
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
31:50 Std.FRA-FPO
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
23:22 Std.FPO-FRA
904 €
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
30:43 Std.FRA-FPO
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
36:48 Std.FPO-FRA
1.209 €
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
32:45 Std.FRA-FPO
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
16:25 Std.FPO-FRA
1.522 €
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
30:25 Std.FRA-FPO
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
33:55 Std.FPO-FRA
1.595 €
3 StoppsAmerican Airlines
25:15 Std.FRA-FPO
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
21:22 Std.FPO-FRA
1.703 €
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
34:05 Std.FRA-FPO
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
36:07 Std.FPO-FRA
3.295 €
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
49:15 Std.FRA-FPO
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
39:09 Std.FPO-FRA
4.808 €
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
31:25 Std.FRA-FPO
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
12:47 Std.FPO-FRA
7.872 €
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
30:25 Std.FRA-FPO
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
12:47 Std.FPO-FRA
9.640 €
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
31:43 Std.FRA-FPO
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
12:53 Std.FPO-FRA
9.641 €

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