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Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Air FranceErgebnis aus 4284 Bewertungen

They just let people fly without properly using the required mask

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They just let people fly without properly using the required mask

Always exceptional service

Not the best crew. Extremely annoying with mask wearing. Even when I was eating and drinking they would come up to you to tell you to wear your mask. Extremely annoying.

Positiv: "Poor"
Negativ: "Poor"
Positiv: "Clean plane , good crew ,"
Negativ: "they didn't load my baggage from flight 1 to 2"
Positiv: "Nothing, the flight was delayed, the plane too small for passengers to store their carry-on luggage, the ground staff did not upload all the luggage and left some behind in Nairobi on the tarmac, the crew lied about the luggage being uploaded. Terrible experience! Kenya Airways is becoming worst and worst."
Negativ: "Everything, the flight was delayed, the plane too small for passengers to store their carry-on luggage, the ground staff did not upload all the luggage and left some behind in Nairobi on the tarmac, the crew lied about the luggage being uploaded. Terrible experience! Kenya Airways is becoming worst and worst."
Positiv: "The crew was perfect"
Negativ: "No wi fi on the plane."
Positiv: "More leg room"
Negativ: "Space"
Positiv: "Nette Crew, Privatsphäre und leckeres Catering"
Negativ: "Boarding"
Negativ: "Delay in take off 45 min!!!!"
Positiv: "Pünktlichkeit"
Negativ: "Nur süße Snacks, nichts salziges"
Positiv: "Freundlichkeit des Personals"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Everything"
Negativ: "Die Bestuhlung der Business Class in der Boeing 777 ist unbequem. Es gibt wenig Ablagemöglichkeiten. Die Anordnung ist 2-3-2, und die Fensterplätze und der mittlere Sitz hat keinen Zugang zum Gang. Man muss bei diesen Sitzen die Nachbarn belästigen. Finde ich gelinde gesagt suboptimal."
Positiv: "The crew was terrific."
Positiv: "Amasing crew"
Positiv: "The crew did its best to make up for the fact that the special meal I ordered was inedible."
Negativ: "See previous"
Positiv: "Mit einer Ausnahme war die Crew wenig motiviert"
Positiv: "Crew was very friendly. Food was excellent"
Negativ: "Sehr laut! Eng gestuhlt"
Positiv: "I really liked my seat, but it was one of the only ones that didn't have a USB port."
Negativ: "See above. Overall, very nice experience."
Positiv: "Food"
Negativ: "Entertainment"
Positiv: "Flight was in time"
Positiv: "The crew"
Negativ: "Seats! They were too small!"
Negativ: "4 Stunden Wartezeit am Flughafen leider zu lang:("
Positiv: "Great seat. Comfortable. Quick boarding."
Negativ: "Asked flight attendant to wake me for breakfast....forgot. Long wait for bathroom,"
Negativ: "Flug kommt Mitten in der Nacht in Paris an. Da die Verbindung zum Anschlussgate noch geschlossen war, mussten wir formal nach Frankreich einreisen um zum Gate nach München zu kommen. Dort darf man sich im ungeheiztem Gate noch mindestens 2 Stunden die Zeit vetreiben."
Positiv: "Die Crew war nett"
Negativ: "Sitze waren sehr verschlissen, bzw. funtionierten teilweise nicht. Bordunterhaltung war nur auf einem Monitor möglich der andere Monitor funktionierte nicht."
Positiv: "Nette Besatzung, Kleiigjeit zum Essen und Trinken"
Negativ: "Sehr wenig Platz, wenig zum Essen"
Negativ: "shuttle from terminal to plane takes a long time. Flight left late"
Negativ: "Verspätung"
Positiv: "The entertainment has great selection. The crews were much friendier than the flight from SFO to Paris."
Negativ: "The seat padding is rather thin."
Positiv: "Good quality flight"
Negativ: "But delayed and lost baggage"
Positiv: "Check in process was easy. The flight attendants are all very helpful and kind. We are playing was OK but it could’ve been cleaned a little better before we got on board."
Negativ: "Check in process was easy. The flight attendants are all very helpful and kind."
Negativ: "Not much legroom."
Positiv: "En deux mots, tout était médiocre, avion, « nourriture » (si on appeler ça comme ça) même les hôtesses travaillaient avec une sale gueule.. Très déçu d’Air France"
Negativ: "Le capitain et l’aterrisage"
Positiv: "SFO - CDG (Air France) was a great journey in all respects. But the one major reason for that was, the middle seat was empty. I was so fresh after the journey, would definitely recommend this flight to anyone."
Negativ: "The flight was delayed by atleast 45 mins and therefore had to rush at the CDG airport to catch the next flight."
Positiv: "Flug war kurz, dennoch gab es Getränke. Das war super!"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war außerordentlich aufmerksam und freundlich. Der Flug mehr als entspannt. Auch das Essen war super!"
Positiv: "Everything"
Positiv: "The crew worked hard, but the food was below the French standards."
Negativ: "The flight was delayed for 2.5 hours and the passengers spent this time in the cabin without a/c."
Positiv: "The size of the plane was nice. They had a good move selection. The vegan meal I was given was great."
Negativ: "It was loud, cold, the food was just okay at least my vegan meal was the bomb but it would have been better had when we booked the flight it allowed me to also choose this option for my husband. Since he is vegan as well."
Positiv: "Alle ok, Personal freundlich zuvorkommend"
Negativ: "kleiner Snack mit Kaffee, alles gut für den kurzen Flug."
Negativ: "I will not use o recommend to anyone to buy a ticket with the agency, at the airport in China we were treated like criminals because as they said we were not register in the system as passengers it was really a nightmare"
Positiv: ". Budget airline with no legroom or extras"
Negativ: "See above. Nothing specific to like."
Positiv: "The staff was very nice and friendly"
Negativ: "One hour delay without any information on embarking and another hour in the plane before departure"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Canceled flight—absolutely no notification. Convoluted rebooking in whcuhbhey lies to us about what flights we were actually on. Spent a couple hours at Delta rebooking our trip. Lost prepaid night at hotel and dinner eaecatuon plus day of vacation."
Positiv: "Ok"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "I don’t know why they keep making boarding with stairs and bus."
Positiv: "The quality of service from the staff and their courtesy. A great asset of the airline."
Negativ: "My luggage was left behind - this despite my being lifetme platinum."
Positiv: "Food."
Negativ: "Headphones were not provided."
Positiv: "Nothing. It was a bad experience."
Negativ: "They could have served food. They could have checked us in through to our final destination."
Negativ: "There is no baggage transfer for international connecting flight. No hotel is provided from the airlines for international travelers, transit time is 12hours"
Negativ: "The crew is always nice on China Eastern. They seem to be late a lot of the time. We arrived almost 1 hour late. The business lounge is TERRIBLE. Get something to eat in the airport, not in the lounge."
Positiv: "Everything was perfect . Also they didnt have more chicken food since i don’t eat pork so one of the flight attendent gave me her food so i could nt be starving . Thats was amazing from her . I dnt remember her name but just wanna say thank youP"
Negativ: "I am stranded in Bangkok because the Flight you put me on violated China visa requirements. And I CANNOT get a hold of ANYONE to resolve issue."
Positiv: "Newer plane w seatback screen for entertainment. Baggage in Honolulu was delivered quickly. Crew was friendly n attentive."
Negativ: "Food very bad, flight attendant almost okay. entertainment very bad. movies not understandable, all with mandarin sub titles. technicus stopover in Xi'An very bad handling we had to pick up our luggage and check in again... but ok. you get what u pay for. 600€ for a return flight from Prague to Cebu during Christmas and New Year is a very good price!"
Positiv: "Loads of space. Super crew,"
Negativ: "Nothing. It was perfect."
Negativ: "I can not able to check in from Yangon international airport to SFO due to transit hour is more than 24 hour in china.. I had to cancel flight with $116 cancellation fees which I wasn't satisfied. Without flying anywhere I have to pay for that fee. I will not buying anymore China eastern airline for future."
Positiv: "The flight was fairly smooth. There was a good selection of movies."
Negativ: "Coming off the plane in Nanjing was frustrating as they were totally unorganized and the plane was delayed because of this. We had to go through customs and recheck everything. We then went back on the same plane to the same seat. Kinda confusing but all in all it was okay."
Negativ: "This was one leg of a 3 leg flight to Kathmandu. Whatever the rrason they substituted my contact number for my passport number and wouldn't issue my boarding pass, even showing documentation that the fault was theirs. After what seemed like forever they reluctantly issued the boarding pass after signing some waiver which I couldn't resd as it was in Chinese."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed over one hour and gate was changed from one side of the airport to the furthest gate on the other side of the airport with no announcement made. Lack of English spoken or understood by flight attendants, gate agents , and check in counter agents."
Positiv: "Comfortable flight,on time departure,friendly staff"
Negativ: "Long layover"
Negativ: "Worst airline I ever flew on"
Positiv: "Gemütliche Sitze, gutes Entertainment"
Negativ: "Boarding mit dem Bus"
Positiv: "Cheap ticket fair Crew somewhat friendly despite extremely limited language skills So many empty seats( you will find why below) despite Chinese festival. Boarding to aircraft easy, especially child friendly at SFO. SFO staff quite friendly, at least ours."
Negativ: "Overall comment: It’s supposed to be international flight but I and my family, all US CITIZENS had to check in at SFO in the beginning where the staff was very helpful n did her best n told me that I would have to claim baggage one time in China. We had to claim baggages at Qingdao n drag to find hotel with one security guard’s broken English helping me for directions to potential hotels- no help at all otherwise. In the morning, we checked in with all baggages at Qingdao but they refused to do it all the way to KTM. Very very rude n unfriendly staffs. At Kunming, we dragged all baggages with our tired kids n checked in for the third time in one outbound flight n almost had to go through baggage check for lithium battery with the fact that it was the same baggage passing security in SFO then Qingdao and having no lithium inside. It followed a very very painful scrutiny n security which involved my 10 year old, a lot part of which seemed inexperienced n unnecessary. They took my daughters portable charger simply because it was wrapped with fancy tape"
Positiv: "Ich bin mit China Eastern von Frankfurt ueber Shanghai nach Tokyo geflogen. Der Service war ganz in Ordnung. Vielleicht etwas steif und distanziert. Was aber schlimmer ist: Mein Koffer ist nicht in Tokyo angekommen. In Shanghai scheinen wohl oefters Koffer voruebergehend zu verschwinden."
Positiv: "The flight attendants were very nice and attentive."
Negativ: "I am a vegetarian and there were no food options for me on this very long flight. I was informed that I needed to order a vegetarian meal 24 hours in advance, but it did not say this anywhere when I was buying my flight tickets, so how was I supposed to know? Twenty hours of traveling with no food on 3 flights and waiting in long lines at customs with not enough layover time and no food is absolutely miserable. Also the boarding process at Bangkok is terrible. There are too many people pushing and shoving through lines and cutting lines, it was the worst I have ever seen at any airport I have ever been to. My bag was also lost somewhere between Bangkok and my first layover. Luckily SFO helped me to recover it."
Negativ: "I was not able to board the flight in Laos. I had a visa for Shanghai which was my final destination but the airline would not let me fly through Kunming without a transit visa. The staff was very rude and would not listen to me. They just kept saying I could not board the flight. They would not help me to change or re-book a flight and was fine to leave me stranded in Laos. The airport did not have wifi or any resources. I had to please to pay a kiosk to use their wifi so that I could rebook my flight through another transit province. It was a horrible experience and left me out a few hundred dollars."
Positiv: "not much CE at their usual"
Negativ: "we had no choice of food on both planes and ended up with pork for breakfast. they also couldnt transfer our bags we had to recheck on both outbound and return flights"
Negativ: "We stopped in NAO (Nanchong) for about an hour and it was quite a sketch experience."
Positiv: "Cheap."
Negativ: "Landed in Kunming only to find that there was no international terminal so I had to go through immigration to change planes. Showing up in China without a visa is a big no-no. China Eastern, whose flight crew spoke minimal English, didn't warn me about this at all. The soldier at the immigration desk was not amused by a US citizen without a visa, and it took much explaining and a couple of conversations between soldiers to be allowed a 24-hour visa. It was touch and go for a bit, leaving me wondering if I was to be turned away. NOT ACCEPTABLE!"
Positiv: "The staff were professional and courteous; we took off close to on time. The airline got us into a very nice new hotel to overnight before our next China Eastern flight."
Negativ: "The security at Urumqi (URC) airport was over the top and we almost missed our flight. Unfortunately, they seated our family in four different areas of the plane."
Negativ: "The ground staff at ICN is not polite. We asked them whether we can load more bag before we headed to downtown to go shopping. After we came back to get the boarding pass, we were refused to check more bag under our baggage allowance"
Positiv: "Crew is exceptionally nice and friendly!"
Negativ: "The snacks and food offered are terrible. Cabins are dry and uncomfortable (not pressurized enough)."
Positiv: "It would have been nice if i was warned about it and i can actually get a visa and sight see at nanjing for a day."
Positiv: "- Pünktlicher Flug - Günstiger Preis - Brauchbares Essen"
Negativ: "- Wenig zuvorkommender Service"
Positiv: "- Pünktlicher Flug - Günstiger Preis - Brauchbares Essen"
Negativ: "- Wenig zuvorkommender Service"
Positiv: "Clean plane, served meals on each flight"
Positiv: "After fighting over and over during rebooking process, we got a direct flight from Shenzhen to Lijiang with a different airline"
Negativ: "We booked the flight from Shenzhen to Lijiang with stopover in Kunming. They cancelled the flight from Kunming to Lijiang and suggested us to stop in Kunming, refund us the rest, suggested us to either stay in Kunming or take a train or do whatever to get to our destination. That’s ridiculous, we can’t just change our travel plan or take a 10 hours train."
Positiv: "Very little."
Negativ: "Lost my bag, no food, no TV, nothing. Bare bones flight."
Positiv: "Good service; timely boarding"
Negativ: "Too many stops; long layover"
Positiv: "For Chinese service personnel, it's pretty good. And I was able to get four red wine refills"
Negativ: "The food is pretty bad, but well, what can you expect."
Positiv: "For Chinese service personnel, it's pretty good. And I was able to get four red wine refills"
Negativ: "The food is pretty bad, but well, what can you expect."
Negativ: "We can’t use our phones for listening music By 14 hrs and I pay WiFi"
Positiv: "Service was good"
Negativ: "I was forced to book a new flight when they informed me at check in that I was only allowed a 24 hour transit visa, when in fact US citizens are permitted 72 hours. A mistake on their part that cost me $1400! I won't fly with them anymore."
Positiv: "Habe einige Bewertungen online gelesen und hatte einige Befürchtungen, die sich nicht bestätigt haben. Checkin war deutsch, Flug war pünktlich, Essen von Lufthansa und Sitzabstand riesig. Für 520€ return nach Neuseeland - was will man mehr. Ja, die Stewardess haben einen nich so scheißfreundlich angegrinst sondern hatten meist einen neutralen Blick, aber das würde ich eher als Vorteil sehen."
Negativ: "Meckern auf hohem Niveau: wenig Musikauswahl im Entertainmentsystem und nach 1 Dose Bier war das Bier alle."
Positiv: "Meals are served on flights, seemingly regardless of flight length. Comfortable and clean airplane."
Negativ: "Airline put incorrect passport number in boarding system for one of the boarding passes. I had 3 flights, total of 6 connecting flights booked at once for 2 people (therefore total of 12 connecting flights) For some reason 1 of the 12 boarding passes had the wrong passport number printed on the boarding pass. Had to speak to a China Eastern representative at the airport who was very unhelpful. After an airport employee (not affiliated with China Eastern) spoke to the China Eastern rep, the rep claimed there was no problem all along. I was in a Changsha, China at the time so few employees spoke English. Luckily my girlfriend sole Chinese otherwise this would’ve been a much worse experience."
Positiv: "Lots of free movies. Leg room was ok. Flight left on time."
Negativ: "Boarding process totally chaotic. Entire ground left to stand in rain on tarmac while gate agent stood on stairs to plane checking boarding passes. But the main problem was China Eastern list my bag and 24 hours later I STILL do not have it. They have been very unhelpful in assisting me to recover my bag. I should also add that I was not able to pre-select my seat, but it worked out ok. Also China Eastern cancelled my return flight and is sending me home one day later than originally scheduled without any apology or compensation."
Positiv: "Nothing about it"
Negativ: "Rude staff in spite of paying almost close to Cathay Pacific, journey date was forcefully changed just days before traveling with a layover time of 16hours instead of the original plan of 3 hours so was forced to stay overnight at a shitty hotel provided by China Eastern, Check in baggage not handled at Kunming by staff, airport hotel not inside airport, but 20mins away in some dirty part of Kunming, not even in the city. Taxi from airport to and from hotel had no space for checkin baggage and they had to be kept on our laps. No food provided at hotel. Very discomforting experience overall."
Positiv: "Food and entertainment were good. I was given an aisle seat like I prefer so my comfort level was good for this flight."
Negativ: "The flight itself was good, but the whole transfer process was pretty inconvenient and annoying. This may have been a rare circumstance since I had two connections on this journey, but it seems like this process could be made A LOT easier. I was told in Los Angeles when I checked in for the first leg of my trip that my bags would need to be collected in Kunming and re-checked for the final leg of my trip (Kunming to Bangkok). I thought no big deal. Well after collecting my luggage from the carousel in Kunming, I proceeded to go where appeared to be a re-check point. I was told there that I needed to go all the way out of the secured area and check in for the next flight there. After confusingly navagating my way through this airport, I finally arrived at the check-in desk. This the same check-in counter that everyone uses when coming off of the street. I can understand doing this if I was switching airlines or something, but I don't know why I wasn't allowed to use the re-check counter. After the time it took to find the check-in area and wait in line, I had my boarding pass for the flight with about 1 hour left until departure. I then proceeded to the departure checkpoint where I waited in line for approximately 25 minutes before reaching an officer. To my horror, he asked for my departure card, which I was unaware that I needed and he pointed to the back of the room. I tried to explain to him that I was only connecting through and hadn't actually stayed in China, but he still sent me to the back of the room to fill out this card. This meant that I had to wait in line again, but luckily it was only a 20 minute wait this time. After luckily getting through the security, I now had about 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time, so I was pretty stressed since it said on my ticket that the door would be closed 15 minutes before departure. Luckily I made the gate before the door was closed. While waiting in line, I spoke with some people that had also been on my Shanghai to Kunming flight and they had also been very confused about the whole transfer process and were also very close to their departure time at this time when I spoke with them. I think their flight to Dubai was delayed, so they made their flight. Maybe most of my issues arose from the double-connection in China, so I will not under any circumstances be selecting a trip where this is on the itinerary. I've connected through Guangzhou and Beijing before and I've never had a need for an arrival / departure card at either of those places. There should be better communication in this area to help people avoid this kind of confusing situation like I experienced. For example, if it was a double-connection thing, send an email explaining the procedures for trips that connect in this manner. I assumed that arrival and departure cards were only for people that were actually staying in the country for more than just connecting flights. Wrong assumption obviously."
Positiv: "The attendants were very helpful, a meal was served with ever flight (even during domestic flights within China), the aircraft was clean, blankets were provided, and I felt very safe. I had an overall excellent experience with all of my China Eastern flights from LAX to Shanghai, Kunming, and Kathmandu."
Negativ: "My only complaint, during the whole experience, was with the Kunming airport. They ushered overnight layover customers into the basement floor, which smelt of gas and was very cold. We were expected to sit and/or sleep on crowded seats and concrete floors. This is not a complaint about China Eastern, but rather the Kunming airport."
Positiv: "Nothing about this experience was acceptable nevermind enjoyable."
Negativ: "Due to some strangely worded "regulations" regarding layovers in China I was barred entry to my flight. China Eastern made no effort in helping me; essentially pointing the finger at the online booking agent (Kayak/Justfly) who in turn, pointed their fingers back at the airline. All parties refused to process my ticket OR refund my cost. Eventually I bought an additional ticket directly to the city of the final leg of my itinerary so as to avoid the visa restrictions on multi-city layovers. Only to find that China Eastern would NOT honor the ticket from Kunming to Vancouver as I had not been on the first two legs. Again, no solution was offered and no refund provided from China Eastern, Kayak or Justfly."
Positiv: "Friendly staff."
Negativ: "Food options not available. No entertainment."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Flight attendants wouldn't speak English to foreign passengers even though the flight was experiencing turbulence due to poor weather (I'm guessing, who knows, they didn't tell us). We landed in another city without warning and then departed again without update. When we finally landed, hours after we should have, the crew didn't say goodbye, thank you, sorry for the discomfort, nothing. Will not fly again and will spread the word about this terrible airline."
Positiv: "Great on board service and very friendly."
Negativ: "I had a layover in Kunming but was unable to check my bags all the way through to my destination, which was after the second flight. The plane landed 20 minutes late and then I had to go through baggage claim, check-in, get my 2nd boarding pass printed, re-check my bag, do customs, and security during my layover (1 hr 40 min) between flight. It was the most stressful flying experience I have had to date. Ended up running through the airport in Kunming, begging to jump lines in order to make the second flight, and catching the plane 5 minutes before takeoff. Luckily they allowed us to board even though it was so close to time. Very stressful experience."
Positiv: "Despite the late arrival of the inbound aircraft, the bus boarding was efficient and we were ready to go fairly swiftly. The seats were quite comfortable for a short flight, it was a visibility newish B737-800 aircraft. The food was bland and flavourless, but they did serve fruit and Haagen Dazs"
Negativ: "Again the food was basic apart from the ice cream. The entertainment came in the form of pop down screens that just played a Chinese drama. The single most frustrating thing about flying any Chinese airline though is the blanket ban on all mobile phones during the flight, even in flight mode. A imbisilic and embarrassingly outdated rule that is clearly one of the many achievements of the CCP. Wake up and join the rest of the world!"
Positiv: "Shanghai to LA is a shorter flight than the other direction due to prevailing winds, so that is a plus. But it is still a long time on the plane."
Negativ: "Food out of Shanghai is not as good as food out of LA."
Positiv: "The crew gave us sandwiches while we were waiting to take off."
Negativ: "It was very uncomfortable sitting and waiting 2 hours for takeoff. It would have been better to wait for boarding so that we could be more comfortable. The temperature on the plane sometimes got very hot."
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Sicherheitsmaßnahmen von Fluggesellschaften, die nach Kunming fliegen

Fluggesellschaften, die nach Kunming fliegen, haben zusätzliche Sicherheitsmaßnahmen ergriffen und ihre Richtlinien angepasst, um Reisende in der aktuellen Situation besser zu befördern. Die Richtlinien variieren je nach Fluggesellschaft.

Erhöhte Hygienemaßnahmen

Das Flugzeug wird täglich gereinigt. HEPA-Filter wurden auf Flügen nach Kunming in der Kabine installiert.


n Bord muss ein Mund- und Nasenschutz getragen werden. Masken werden auf Flügen nach Kunming bereitgestellt

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Aktuelle Angebote - Inlandsflüge

NonstopShenzhen Airlines
2:40 Std.SZX-KMG
NonstopShenzhen Airlines
2:25 Std.KMG-SZX
317 €
1 StoppShenzhen Airlines
12:20 Std.SZX-KMG
NonstopShenzhen Airlines
2:25 Std.KMG-SZX
469 €
1 StoppSichuan Airlines
5:15 Std.TAO-KMG
1 StoppSichuan Airlines
8:50 Std.KMG-TAO
474 €
1 StoppSichuan Airlines
17:50 Std.TAO-KMG
1 StoppSichuan Airlines
15:25 Std.KMG-TAO
492 €
1 StoppSichuan Airlines
5:15 Std.TAO-KMG
1 StoppSichuan Airlines
15:25 Std.KMG-TAO
508 €

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Flüge nach Kunming


Kunming (KMG)China

Angebote für den Rückflug:

Kunming - Deutschland


720 €

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1.093 €