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Top-Airline für Flüge von Hannover nach Medellín José María Córdova

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
AeromexicoErgebnis aus 9854 Bewertungen
Negativ: "Nice flt, competent and diligent cabin crew. But at ck in they assessed a $20.25 carryon bag fee even though my reservation via Kayak said one carryon was included. (It was within their weight and size limits) Even with empty seats they assigned me the non reclining row that abuts the restrooms (noise, smells, etc.)"
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Negativ: "Nice flt, competent and diligent cabin crew. But at ck in they assessed a $20.25 carryon bag fee even though my reservation via Kayak said one carryon was included. (It was within their weight and size limits) Even with empty seats they assigned me the non reclining row that abuts the restrooms (noise, smells, etc.)"
Negativ: "15 Minuten Verspätung"
Positiv: "Nothing exceptional, but it got me there smoothly and in one piece."
Negativ: "I found the seats to be particularly uncomfortable but otherwise nothing was wrong."
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Food, entertainment"
Negativ: "No tv"
Negativ: "I reviewed the wrong one. My last comment and score was for this flight. My last flight even though the spaces were smaller I had no problems with my bag and it was a nice flight."
Positiv: "I enjoyed the accommodations such as the ear phones and blankets. The entertainment was great."
Positiv: "Nice personal"
Negativ: "The services the attention from the personal"
Negativ: "missing luggage for 2 days now. not Good!!!"
Positiv: "NICHT"
Negativ: "Ich habe eine minute zu spaet gekommen und die Flug war schon zu. Keine flexibilitat fuer ein Frequent Travel, den remote bus hat gerade den Passagieren nach Flug. Keine angebot zu mir bringen mit andere bus oder fahrzeug."
Positiv: "Excelente servicio por las aeromozas y comprensión de asignaciones de asiento por mi estado medico."
Negativ: "Mucho frío!! Durante el vuelo"
Negativ: "Very uncomfortable!!!!!!"
Positiv: "I’m glad I made the flight. It was tight. Friendly staff all around."
Negativ: "The sprint to make my connection was the only glitch on the trip so far. I made it so all is good."
Positiv: "I liked the food, the drinks, the Atencion’s crew"
Negativ: "I didn’t like the long wait to drop off my suitcase"
Negativ: "Yes"
Negativ: "Website was down and I could not check in I want my money back"
Positiv: "The entertainment"
Negativ: "Lack of snacks, prefer chips"
Positiv: "Our ~5 hour lay over in Benito Juarez airport was not good."
Negativ: "Airport was very warm no AC. Crowded. Poor variety for sit down restaurants. They too were crowded and poor service and expensive."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Everyone is so rude, they don’t care just a number to them."
Positiv: "The movies"
Negativ: "Los asientos pequenos"
Positiv: "Seat comfort and timely departure/arrival to destination. Thank you"
Negativ: "The breakfast continues to be disappointinbin Premier Class - a little bit of granola would go a long way to make the yogurt and fruit better. You used to have it and you used to warm up your bread which was ice cold on this flight. Could not enjoy with with the Lurpak (nice!) butter."
Positiv: "Appreciated the unrequested upgrade especially after sonmany years and miles travelled with AeroMexico, Delta and its Sky Team partners"
Negativ: "Mexico City airport logisitcs off prior Aeromexico flight from Leon (BJX) and then again logistics onto the plane"
Negativ: "On the first leg of my trip, the time shown on the boarding pass was the time I needed to be at the gate. For this leg of the trip, the time on the boarding pass was the time the plane left. I arrived at the gate at the time the boarding pass said and the plane had already left. I am traveling to my father's funeral and the only option I had was to rebook for an additional cost of $600. Extremely upset."
Positiv: "Alles in allem ein sehr angenehmer Flug in einem modernen Flugzeug mit einer großen Auswahl an Bordunterhaltung. Pünktlich und freundlich. Auch alkoholische Getränke inkludiert (was in Amerika schon lange nicht mehr Standard ist)."
Negativ: "Das Essen war nur mäßig."
Negativ: "Crew standing in the back talking to each other with their backs on us"
Positiv: "Flight on time, the crew was nice and helpful and we had free lunch and a movie."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Bad service!"
Positiv: "Dreamliner, fast boarding."
Negativ: "Few food for such a long flight. Don’t manage kid bothering other passengers."
Negativ: "My husband’s wheelchair was returned to us bent and disassembled. The crew at Logan and the airline ground crew could see us struggling to put it back together and then to fix it but offered absolutely no help until the very end, when we had already gotten the chair to a workable state and help was no longer needed. The crew in Mexico was not helpful upon boarding either, I had to take my husband down the ramp because there was no one to help us. We had no such problems in our outgoing flights so were surprised at the lack of care and utter disinterest on the way back."
Positiv: "The service was good"
Negativ: "Maybe my seat"
Negativ: "they want to charge you for every little thing they can, terrible service, poor communication skills (even in spanish) definitely will try to avoid flying again with this "airline". too bad I still have to fly back home with them"
Positiv: "I enjoyed the movies on board, entertainment great!"
Negativ: "This my 3rd trip to PVR on airline. As a delta frequent flyer I have always gotten upgraded or standby list. For what ever reason on my return it seemed staff working at airport today ALL gave me false info and finally in the end when I wanted to pay for upgrade told flight sold out ! False ! 3 Empty AM Plus seats 5 Ross in front of me . So I was separated from my friends as they sat in first class. I blame the gate staff since none had a clue ! Horrible e periwnce for first time at Mexico City airport. We also left Aweomexico lounge since was dirty and went to American Express Lounge that was clean z"
Positiv: "Nothing they cancelled my connecting flight"
Negativ: "First time flying with Aeromexico and it will be my last. The cancelled the flight just when we are about to board and have not responded or compensated me for my substitute flight to get home."
Positiv: "Flying with Aeromexico to Mexico City was great! This airline is always good and of course it didn't disappoint me this time. The flight was nice and smooth, the airplane very modern and nicely equipped, it had a vast variety of movies available, nice food, nice timing, friendly staff, punctual arrival to the destination, smooth landing, etc. Everything was great!"
Negativ: "I was seated next to the toilets at the rear of the aircraft and I didn't like that seat. Guys, you really need to do something about this, because during the whole flight I had people standing next to me while queuing to go to the toilets. So, I was 12 hours with people next to my seat, watching me all the time and pushing the back of my seat while they made their way through the queue waiting for their turn to go to the toilet. Terrible situation having people queuing next to my seat and hearing the flushing sounds the whole flight."
Positiv: "The crew on this flight was amazing."
Negativ: "The seats, my Gawd...felt like I was sitting on marbles. And this priority board issue. Why say you have priority boarding and be the third zone???"
Positiv: "- Personal Media Station - Food - Water served at least twice - Fast flight"
Negativ: "- Not enough space to fit my carry-on - No self service for check-in in the airport."
Positiv: "Die Flugbegleiter waren aufmerksam und freundlich."
Negativ: "Leider war das Essen sehr schlecht, zudem waren die Fenster nicht steuerbar."
Positiv: "Das Personal war sehe aufmerksam und freundlich."
Negativ: "Das Hähnchen sah sehr eklig aus, die Pasta war fad."
Positiv: "Das Personal war nett und aufmerksam und hat immer geschaut, ob ich noch etwas möchte. Es gab Kekse als Snack."
Negativ: "Leider war das Frühstück nicht wirklich angemessen für die Business Class. Geschmacklich war es nichts. Es ist, wenn man den Platz verlassen will, sehr eng in der Business Class, der Sitz an sich ist gut."
Negativ: "I'm a Delta Sky mile Gold medallion member and not sure why Aeromexico is a sky team member but I still got charge for my one luggage"
Positiv: "Flight on time."
Negativ: "Accommodating clients on sittings other than their original place. In case of an accident, name identification would be wrong."
Positiv: "Shops"
Negativ: "Not knowing where the gate was until 30 min before.No Awro Mexico employee to help with the gate change and monitor was wrong"
Positiv: "Great customer service !"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "The fact that I arrived alive and in one piece"
Negativ: "Ticket counter staff at O'Hare is incompetent, lazy and have bad attitudes. If there are other options to fly to Guadalajara - I would suggest you pursue them. I am a frequent flier and after seven years I am at the point of giving up. I would prefer two flights using United Airlines than the mess on Aeromexico. Beware of scorpions on planes!"
Negativ: "No me gusto que no hubo orden al momento de abordar en la sala A. y salir acminando como otras aerolineas baratas y mediocres de Mexico. Una de las crew fue muy ruda y de mal humor todo el tiempo."
Positiv: "The stewardesses were hotties with very cute outfits. The chars were fairly comfortable and spacious."
Positiv: "Quick boarding, takeoff and loading off the plane."
Negativ: "I paid additional fee for preferred seating and my seat did not recline."
Positiv: "1. Food was and drink was decent 2. In flight entertainment was good 3. Crew were friendly and helpful"
Negativ: "1. Flight was delayed over an hour due to flight crew arriving late 2. Paid for a premium seat and space was just as cramped as a non premium seat 3. Boarding was a free for all no control by staff for boarding zones.. Also when are airlines ever going to learn to board passengers from the rear to front first? 4. Mexico city landing was terrible, we all felt like the rear of the aircraft was fish tailing"
Negativ: "I got the last seat on the plane, and it smell pee all the way. Disgusting."
Negativ: "One hour delay, returned to airport we left from an hour after departure. Ended up arriving over 3 hours later than expected"
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Sicherheitsmaßnahmen von Fluggesellschaften, die von Hannover nach Medellín fliegen

Fluggesellschaften, die von Hannover nach Medellín fliegen, haben zusätzliche Sicherheitsmassnahmen ergriffen und ihre Richtlinien angepasst, um Reisende in der aktuellen Situation besser zu befördern. Die Richtlinien variieren je nach Fluggesellschaft.

Erhöhte Hygienemaßnahmen

Das Flugzeug wird täglich gereinigt. HEPA-Filter wurden auf Flügen von Hannover nach Medellín in der Kabine installiert.


An Bord muss ein Mund- und Nasenschutz getragen werden. Masken werden auf Flügen von Hannover nach Medellín bereitgestellt.

Abstandsregeln für Sitzplätze

Sitzplätze in der Mitte auf Flügen von Hannover nach Medellín nicht verfügbar

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