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Top 5 Airlines für Flüge nach Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Singapore AirlinesErgebnis aus 4105 Bewertungen

Great airline

Mehr zu Singapore Airlines

Great airline

The staff was great. The food really wasn’t good

Negativ: "Time to renew the aircraft 777-300"
Positiv: "Sehr attraktive und freundliche Crew. Ist nicht ohne Grund die weltbeste Airline. Würde am liebsten nur noch mit denen fliegen."
Negativ: "Nichts, schneller fliegen können die leider auch nicht."
Positiv: "Clean cabin and good service"
Negativ: "Not every body is doing extra miles to make customer happy"
Negativ: "Boarding was delayed for 25 min and was no information for that. Otherwise everything was good"
Positiv: "crew was pushing , no time in an rush all the time"
Negativ: "service level"
Positiv: "Es war alles zur vollen Zufriedenheit"
Positiv: "Service, Verpflegung, Sitze"
Negativ: "Das Entertainmentangebot könnte mehr Deutschsprachige Filme beinhalten"
Positiv: "Very comfortable; excellent service"
Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "The crew is usually really good."
Negativ: "The ground staff at Frankfurt airport was not very good. Seemed slow lazy and difficult at times"
Positiv: "Amazing crew, great seating area and tasty menu."
Positiv: "Very cramped seats"
Positiv: "Movies selection is great. Seating space is comfortable."
Negativ: "Boarding process could’ve been smoother"
Positiv: "Food, Entertainment."
Negativ: "Harder than usually landing"
Positiv: "SQ always the best service"
Positiv: "Excelent"
Negativ: "I recomended yo my friend"
Positiv: "Sehr nette Crew, kam immer wieder vorbei (Eco) und bot Getränke, Früchte und Chips oder mini Sandwiches an! Top!"
Negativ: "ich hatte nichts zu bemängeln einfach nur Top!"
Positiv: "everything..Singapore airlines is a amazing airline !!! there is a reason why they are no 1 for so many years..."
Positiv: "Crew was amazing"
Negativ: "Luggages did not arrive with the flight as it should be. It got lost in Sydney from Queenstown on flight SQ 6683 operated by Virgin Australia (VA 162)."
Negativ: "Flight was canceled. They moved passengers to the Lufthansa but didn’t tell us even though we checked with the counter every 20 min. Apparently a text went out that we didn’t get"
Positiv: "Crew amazing. Seat super comfortable"
Negativ: "Nothing!"
Negativ: "Excellent service"
Positiv: "Excellent service, made a very long flight very pleasant and enjoyable."
Positiv: "Perfect!!!"
Negativ: "Screaming children. Totally clueless, rude flight crew. Next time kids are screaming for three hours straight on a red eye, maybe offer the parents some assistance. Makes the “perks” like hot towels seem ridiculous when staff are completely indifferent."
Positiv: "Great service always smiling, flight on time, overall a great way to fly."
Positiv: "- sehr bemühte und aufmerksame Crew, auch in der Economy - hervorragender Sitzabstand in der Eco - Flugzeug von SQ wie üblich nicht überbucht, daher einige freie Sitze - 2x warmes Essen in der Eco - fortlaufend aktives Getränkeangebot"
Negativ: "- auch auf diesem Flug schreiendes Baby, dass den Nachtflug fast zur Hölle macht - selbst in der Business-Class konnten die Passagiere nur dann Schlaf finden, wenn sie die active noise canceling Kopfhörer aufsetzen (wer damit schlafen kann)"
Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"
Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"
Positiv: "Cabin crew was top notch - even in coach they could not be more accommodating and customer friendly. US airline flight attendants don’t even come close to this team that truly serviced the cabin for 8 hours continuously without the typical hiding in the back of the plane and chatting. Very encouraging that genuine care in the air is very much alive and well on Singapore Air! I will fly them every chance I get!"
Negativ: "That my flight had to end and I know my next US airline flight won’t come close to this kind of experience! Air travel doesn’t have to be a cattle herding process with peanut treats on cross country flights - shame on the US carriers - I strongly suggest they fly Singapore Air to see what true customer service feels like!"
Positiv: "It's not the cheapest way to fly but it's a great way to cross the Atlantic. Seats are big enough for 2, really. Lay flat beds make the night crossing east tolerable. You really can get several hours sleep. The cabin crew is outstanding, patient, and extremely responsive to requests. Two meals served were excellent. Entertainment choices were complete. After a number of flights in Economy on other airlines I'm spoiled by Singapore Airlines and also by Business Class. And their fares seemed much less than others for the JFK to FRA route. Had no idea this level of luxury existed on an airplane."
Negativ: "My seat assignment was moved without explanation on our return flight, FRA to JFK. That was disappointing. The gate folks were apologetic but no real explanation given."
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "Der Flug ist 4 Stunden später gestartet."
Negativ: "Wir haben dafür etwas zu Essen bekommen."
Positiv: "A380 ist ein tolles Flugzeug"
Negativ: "Flight attendants were bot friendly, appearwd to be botheted when askes questions or requests were made."
Positiv: "Staff was polite and accommodating"
Positiv: "I dropped my scarf and only realized after I was seated. People were still boarding and I told a young man attendant and he found it and brought it to me. And he was such a gentleman too! Wish I knew his name but it was Frankfurt to JFK 835am flight on April 3rd. Thank you again!"
Positiv: "Everything was good"
Negativ: "No complaints"
Positiv: "Everything"
Positiv: "Singapore was fine and helpful with a crazy problem JustFly created then didn’t fix."
Negativ: "JustFly billed the wrong price, then to fix that,created a new ticket with my name misspelled and failed to cancel the original ticket. We later upgrade seats via Singapore then discovered the duplicate booking and misspelling. To fix that JustFly cancelled the booking with the seat upgrade. Singapore restored our upgrade at the airport but only on one direction so we had to go through it all again."
Positiv: "friendly and attentive crew. connecting flight was a breeze. well worth the price."
Positiv: "That the A380 was only 70%full, resulting in me getting three seats to myself. I was able to stretch out and sleep for most of the flight. Food and service were top notch. Better value than Lufthansa or American, for the overall flight experience. You could fly cheaper, but not better, in economy."
Negativ: "Though we landed early at JFK, we had a one hour wait on the tarmac until one of the only two gates capable of receiving an A380 opened up."
Negativ: "The flights were always late causing us to miss a connection. Also when purchasing the ticket I was not informed of two extra stops that only showed up when I checked in."
Positiv: "Friendliness"
Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"
Positiv: "Gutes Team"
Negativ: "Essen"
Negativ: "Die Besatzung war schlecht gelaunt und hat bei Gentränkebestellung dies mehrmalls vergessen."
Positiv: "Ontime, airline stewards were excellent and tv entertainment very good"
Negativ: "Nothing"

Overall a great trip. Layovers are just a part of traveling but would have loved a little bit less. Really not a negative reflection of this experience.


Positiv: "I used my miles to upgrade to Laurel so the experience was great! EVA is always a good airline so not really many complains"
Negativ: "What could be better would be even more improvements to the cabin. The layout and decor feels a bit dated and the seat orientation and layout can also use some modernizing."
Positiv: "Clean, on time, friendly staff, feel safe."
Negativ: "More various food and less fat."
Negativ: "Was not able to board"
Negativ: "Should improve food."
Positiv: "Comfortable and excellent hospitality."
Negativ: "None."
Negativ: "I will go again"
Positiv: "Good movie selection"
Negativ: "Nothing."
Negativ: "Cleaning the restroom area more often for international flighywiuld be great"
Positiv: "Seat from taipei to jakarta is roomy & comfortable"
Negativ: "The seat from taipei to seattle should be roomier as it relates to longer flight time duration"
Positiv: "schlafgelegenheit flaches Bett mit Auflage und Privacy in der BusClass"
Negativ: "die EVA App ist unterentwickelt....ich konnte keine Sitze andern...sass ohne Fenster vor der geruchsintensive Küche (7k) obwohl viele Alternativen noch verfügbar waren. Personal ist sehr bemüht, aber man spürt dass die Freundlichkeit aufgesetzt ist und die Kompetenz übertünchen soll. ca 20% qualität m Vergleich zum Flug vom 2.2. von Wien nach Taipeh"
Positiv: "durch den Flug von Wien nach Taipeh war ich verwöhnt. aber die Verpflegung war noch immer sehr gut"
Negativ: "die Lounge am Flughafen ist schlecht beschildert und der Service ist ebenso schlecht wie bei Thai."
Positiv: "Alles hat mir gefallen. Treatment als BusinessClass Passagier spürbar SUPER"
Positiv: "Bathroom and food good. Boarding was fast. And so was disembarking."
Positiv: "Bathroom very nice. Food nice."
Negativ: "Economy seats a bit too cramped."
Positiv: "It was a good flight on time"
Negativ: "We could have had healthier food options"
Positiv: "Efficient crew"
Negativ: "Flight late"
Positiv: "Very comfortable flight, many amenities included. Meals were excellent. Hospitality was exceptionable."
Positiv: "Hello Kitty themes"
Negativ: "Coffee served diluted ."
Negativ: "The food doesn’t taste good"
Positiv: "I like the whole round trip flight. from smooth and fast boarding process to big leg room for my premium economy seat. Food are good with 2 choises and staff are pleasant."
Negativ: "Nothing I don’t like"
Negativ: "Not much in choice of movies."
Positiv: "Departure and arrival time"
Negativ: "Meal"
Positiv: "Very accommodating"
Negativ: "Nothing to report"
Positiv: "The service was very good, the food was better than at most airlines. There even seemed to be a little bit more legroom. The bathrooms were kept clean."
Positiv: "Friendliness"
Negativ: "food"
Positiv: "Good was excellent. Aircraft clean and comfortable"
Negativ: "Better movie selection would have been nice"
Negativ: "I was told to stop watching movies when we were descending. I was never asked to do that with other airlines. If it is due to safety issues, I would appreciate they informed us why we can’t watch the airline movies"
Positiv: "Same as above"
Positiv: "The flight attendants are very attentive and polite. The journey was smooth. Overall great experience!"
Positiv: "Crew was nice"
Negativ: "Small seats."
Positiv: "Thick blanket, toothbrush & toothpaste, eyes cover for sleeping, on time boarding, excellent overall"
Negativ: "No screen front out the seat."
Negativ: "A boarding pass ahd to be printed at the airport"
Positiv: "Nice crew, comfortable ,no delate"
Negativ: "We did not like all the meals in all the flights"
Positiv: "Food"
Negativ: "Super poor customer service on both EVA flights"
Negativ: "The seats were too close to the rows in front and back."
Positiv: "Good plane and friendly service on board."
Negativ: "Waiting 30 minutes in the morning for check-in and staff doesn't speak proper English is a no go. Expected more from the Hello Kitty plane."
Positiv: "Food was good. On time boarding. Not like other airlines, seats have less space and no sockets to charge phones."
Negativ: "Not like other airlines, seats have less space and no sockets to charge phones. No entertainment."
Positiv: "only one stop to final destination."
Negativ: "crew members not very friendly"
Positiv: "food is ok."
Positiv: "Gutes Preis Leistung für Premium Eco"
Positiv: "blankets and pillows provided three meals nice customer service staff members spacious"
Positiv: "Great airline, especially for a long flight. Would def use it again."
Positiv: "Food was OK, not much to expect from economy class, but at least the flight attendants were more experienced than the CGK-TPE flight in Dec 2016."
Negativ: "Boarding procedure was a bit chaotic at Taipei, but perhaps the passengers were to blame. Overhead space seems limited on the Airbus 330, many passengers taking more space."
Positiv: "same as previous flight"
Negativ: "same as previous flight"
Positiv: "Comfy,nice foods, helpful crew"
Negativ: "So far my flight with eva air was awesome!"
Positiv: "comfy, modern interior on the plane. Staff was great."
Negativ: "check in was smooth, and the staff knew exactly how to handle my surfboard bag and the correct price to charge."
Positiv: "Hello Kitty jet added to the fun of the experience."
Negativ: "The food was not good."

Seats were paid for at the time of booking, however in the boarding pass different seats were provided than what was pre

Literally spit several of the food items out rather than eat them. Utterly revolting . Worst meals I’ve ever had on Qatar airways. Seats cramped and uncomfortable. Headsets were nasty hollow sound making it unpleasant to watch movies and had to use high volune just to hear at all.

Crew war nicht motiviert, hat Dinge vergessen, Bestellungen wurden ignoriert

Horrible food

Quality of food and urgency to diabetic passengers need to be taken care of seriously

There was a 7 hours delay and the airline did not arrange any accommodation for an overnight stay at the airport.

More Bollywood and Telugu movies, food options

Everything was excellence and good

Positiv: "Yes the crew was amazing and food was good"
Negativ: "Rest area could had been better"
Positiv: "I couldn’t eat the chicken for lunch, and I told the crew to change it for me and bring the vegetarian, but nobody brought anything. I was starving until the next meal."
Negativ: "Take out the chicken sausage from your menu"
Positiv: "Best crew we’ve ever had."
Negativ: "Qatar website needs work"
Positiv: "Yes"
Negativ: "Good flight"
Positiv: "Die Crew war sehr nett und zuvorkommend."
Negativ: "Die Maschine war schon etwas alt."
Positiv: "Great crew and food. Nice economy class."
Positiv: "Food"
Negativ: "Cancellation of the flight could have done before boarding."
Positiv: "War alles sehr gut!"
Negativ: "Nichts"
Positiv: "Not-so-full flight meant we could move about and choose more comfortable seats."
Negativ: "TV unit didn’t work, lucky me. They tried two times to restart and reboot but to no avail. The attendant said my choices were to not watch or move to an empty seat. I chose to sit next to my wife."
Positiv: "Nice new plane Very friendly staff Acceptable entertainment system best is that you can skip the annoying advertisements"
Negativ: "Not enough personnel to serve food and drinks, way too slow Would work faster with two crew members per trolley. Run out of food until it was my turn... Seats are stiff and can be more comfortable like Qatar as in other Planes Choice of alcoholic drinks are limited, but this seems to be an issue with Qatar It seems Qatar likes to fill up middle seats instead of using the free aisle and or window seats"
Positiv: "The service was super and the food was delicious even the seats are very comfortable"
Negativ: "Everything was super"
Negativ: "3,5h verspätet"
Positiv: "Nothing special"
Negativ: "I found my seat a bit uncomfortable for this leg of the jurney"
Positiv: "Qatar airlines the service was awesome and the planes very clean"
Negativ: "Seating not able to upgrade"
Positiv: "Nice airplane, great crew."
Negativ: "Beef stroganoff was terrible"
Positiv: "In-flight crew was excellent."
Positiv: "Nice menue, friendly staff, very comfortable seats"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "The groynd services in US and Doha are excellent and quick. The check in process in India is very slow"
Negativ: "Our first time traveling on Qatar. Will definitely love to travel again if the fares are reasonable."
Negativ: "Was war denn hier los? -Beim Boarding mindesten 35°C im Flugzeug - nach 1 Std. Flug nur noch 15°C! -nicht ann alle Kinder wurde etwas zu spielen ausgeteilt. -Kinder bekamen nicht zu erst das Essen - trotz, dass das Flugzeug nicht voll besetzt war, ware nicht alle angebotenen Speisen vorrätig"
Positiv: "Qatar flight is no problem"
Positiv: "Snacks and the crews on board"
Negativ: "The crews in the airport, not friendly. They dont even smile!"
Positiv: "1: Flugpersonal wieder sehr gut. 2: Kleines Frühstück wurde zur Verfügung gestellt wegen verpassten Flug. 3: Wurden automatisch in den nächsten verfügbaren Flug gebucht."
Negativ: "1: Nach Boarding wurde der Bus voll geladen mit Menschen fuhr aber nicht sofort zum Flieger. Wir mussten ca 20 Minuten im vollgesteckten Bus warten bis wir aussteigen konnten. 2: Flug hatte wieder spätere Abflugzeit von 30 min. 3: Meiner Meinung nach könnte bei einem verpassten Flug eventuell ein Upgrade in die Business Class erfolgen, wenn man schon Stunden am Flughafen warten muss und viel später als geplant zuhause ankommt."
Positiv: "1: Flugpersonal sehr gut und bei der Situation hilfsbereit. 2: Gekühlte Getränke wurden serviert."
Negativ: "1: Flug wurde mindestens 6 mal zeitlich verschoben. 2: Wir mussten 1 1/2 Stunden in einem ungekühlten Flugzeug auf den Abflug warten bei 30 Grad Außentemperatur. 3: Uns wurde VERSPROCHEN wir erreichen unseren Anschlussflug - haben wir nicht. 4: Gäste wurden nicht aufgeklärt warum die eine Verspätung von fast 4h zustande kommt."
Positiv: "All good thank you + food and crew and entertainment"
Negativ: "All good thanks"
Negativ: "Snack options were a bit limited for such a long flight"
Positiv: "Bester Service den ich je erlebt habe"
Positiv: "Bester Service den ich je erlebt habe"
Positiv: "Great crew, as usual."
Negativ: "Ugh, The seat in front of me had some box taking up 1/4 of my leg-room. I get that the box probably contains some crucial equipment, but can you at least round the edges so I can lay my leg against it without cutting off my circulation to my foot? Other than that, typical Qatar luxury (as much as you're gonna find in coach)."
Positiv: "The visit to the lounge is always refreshing. The service at the shower area is great however policing of people using phones in the quiet zone should be enforced"
Negativ: "The good got used a bus gate which is acceptable however this typically takes additional time if there is a connection flight"
Positiv: "For the most part the crew were very helpful."
Negativ: "Food quality and quantity."
Positiv: "Very friendly service!"
Positiv: "350 von München nach Doha traumhaft. Personal auf beiden Flügen sehr gut."
Negativ: "777 von Doha nach BKK leider etwas alt."
Positiv: "Entertainment list were great."
Positiv: "The lack of passengers on this flight gave me an amazing amount of room. Really makes the flights enjoyable when I can spread out."
Negativ: "The food could use some work. The quantities are perfect. But the quality is definitely lacking"
Positiv: "Gutes Essen, große Auswahl beim Entertainment"
Negativ: "Entertainment Display hatte schlechte Qualität, leider seltene Getränkeangebote bei einem 12h Flug! nicht ganz so gute Beinfreiheit!"
Positiv: "Sehr nettes Personal, sehr gutes Essen! Super Entertainment! Angenehme Beinfreiheit! Immer wieder Getränke angeboten bekommen!"
Negativ: "Leider ca. 1h später gestartet, wegen technischer Probleme... aber besser am Noden gelöst, als in der Luft aufgefallen!"
Negativ: "Not one of their newest planes."

The flight was smooth and attendants were efficient. Food was mediocre. Lounge food in Dubai was not good. Lounge food in Milan was excellent.

Great service, food was amazing

Very Spacious flight you can ask to move where someone is not seated. inflight entertainment was great, and great food! Bathrooms were clean. Service was lovely with members going round taking polaroid photos for memories of a journey. This was my first long haul flight and it went so smoothly thanks to the emirates team.

Die First Class von Emirates ist sagenhaft. Kann ich nur schwerstens weiterempfehlen. Die Kabinen, Toiletten/Duschen, das Personal, Essen und Onboard-Unterhaltung wird man nur schwer toppen können.

Airplane A380-800 is too big, fully booked. Too many people everywhere, which made me nervous due to Covid-19 infection risks. But food was good, and toilets were fine.

Check in was smooth, are all the Covid requirements necessary for vaccinated travelers

Negativ: "Bei fast 7 Stunden Flug 1x Getränkrunde zum Abflug und 1 x zum Frühstück Morgens. Dazwischen habe ich kein Personal gesehen... dafür auf dem Monitor ständig „drink plenty of water during flight“"
Positiv: "Emirates is my airline of choice. They do everything well."
Negativ: "On-Line Check in bietet keine ordentliche Auswahl an verfügbaren Sitzplätzen. Nach online Buchung stellt Emirates keine Platzwahl zur Verfügung. (Hohe Zusatzkosten)"
Negativ: "Gepäckausgabe in München. Langsam wie immer"
Negativ: "Gepäckausgabe in München. Langsam wie immer."
Positiv: "Crew was a little curt in giving instructions - open that window ma’am"
Negativ: "I requested the meal a little later cause I was asleep... but she said not possible. I would e been ok with a cold meal a little later cause I wasn’t feeling well. Would’ve appreciated a little understanding."
Negativ: "Zugewiesenen Plätze wurden ohne Info einfach geändert trotz zwei Kleinkindern Bordpersonal überwiegend unfreundlich Verpflegung lies zu wünschen übrig"
Positiv: "Good meals, comfortable seat with fantastic entertainment options."
Positiv: "v cooperative crew & helpful"
Positiv: "They were very supportive. Thanks."
Positiv: "Sitzabstand. Moderne Maschine"
Negativ: "Essen schmeckte nicht Boarding"
Negativ: "Info system is not that easy to navigate So hard to find a movie"
Positiv: "Alles nur pefekt."
Negativ: "Nichts alles super"
Positiv: "Alles"
Negativ: "Nichts alles super"
Negativ: "There was no acknowledgment of Platinum status with Qantas. I do not expect anything special, and I usually just get a welcome back, but this time there was zero acknowledgment. The seat from DXB to HKG did not quite go “flat”. The upper half went as far back as, i’d say, around 170 degrees."
Negativ: "I booked thriugh and there was an error with the name on the tocket. I was charged 300 dollars to cancel with emerites and then 150 to cancel with and then had to buy a new ticket the day before my flight. I lost a lot of money, was unable to talk to good customer service."
Negativ: "Inkompetenter Stewart"
Negativ: "I made a FaceTime call to my daughter over the Atlantic - nothing better!!! The staff is beautiful, and the ride was smooth."
Positiv: "Plenty of leg room and the crew were very helpful and attentive."
Negativ: "None which I can recommend."
Negativ: "I did not get vegetarian food. And when i book that ticket i didn't get the option of food selection..."
Positiv: "They were very courteous and provided us with a solution with an overweight luggage so that we wouldn’t pay the extra fees. Flight was very smooth on the 777. Best flight ever."
Negativ: "Nothing negative about this flight."
Positiv: "Sehr freundliches Personal und sehr Service orientiert."
Negativ: "Cursor des Bildschirms war sehr ungenau. 5 Minuten bis der richtige Film gewählt werden konnte. Software am Bildschirm sehr langsam. Das gewünschte Beef war für viele Gäste aus."
Negativ: "- Mitte Flug Service Knopf gedrückt. Licht war bis Ende des Fluges an. Niemand kam - starke Zugluft"
Positiv: "Personal ist bemüht die alten Emirates werte zu erhalten. Sehr nett und freundlich."
Negativ: "Keine warmen Tücher mehr. Nur noch selten Getränke Service Essen schlechter als vorher. Keine kleine Flasche Wein mehr. Nur noch Plastik Becher. Man spart wo es geht. ABER DER KUNDE MERKT ES!"
Positiv: "Erster Flug in neuer 777. tolle Unterhaltung mit neuesten Filmen."
Negativ: "Das Essen war leider nur mäßig"
Positiv: "They have varible movies and dramas."
Negativ: "Nothing."
Positiv: "perfekt"
Negativ: "s"
Positiv: "Service"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Food"
Negativ: "Seat is not comfortable."
Positiv: "Das Personal war sehr nett und hat mir bei jeder Frage höflich zur Seite gestanden"
Negativ: "Leider war die Luftdüse meines Hintermannes auf mich gerichtet und er hat nicht auf mich reagiert, kann die Airline aber nichts für"
Positiv: "Das Check In und das Flugpersonal war super freundlich und hilfsbereit."
Negativ: "Es war gut, es war aber auch nur ein 1 stündiger Flug. Da erwarte ich nicht so viel."
Positiv: "Das Bordpersonal war sehr aufmerksam. Während des gesamten Fluges wurden für uns Getränke in den Kühlschrank gestellt. Vielen Dank auch insbesondere an Jeniffer und Lilli, die unseren Flug auf einer Polaroid-Foto festgehalten haben."
Negativ: "Der Stecker unseres inflight Entertainments hatte einen Wackelkontakt. Auf Nachfrage knnten wir unseren Platz aber problemlos wechseln, dann funktionierte alles."
Positiv: "Flug war von Anfang bis Landung super!"
Negativ: ".... Aber die Gepäckausgabe in Düsseldorf dauerte mal wieder ewig Haben fast eine Stunde am Karussell gewartet...."
Positiv: "Top Flug mit sehr hohem Komfort."
Negativ: "Auch hier kann ich kein schlechtes Wort verlieren."
Positiv: "The crew was friendly but not always available for requests. I suppose I could have used the "attendant call button" but it would have been nicer if they were more observant when I was looking at them with a look of "I need something" as they walked by"
Negativ: "Boarding process seems standard - always takes a long time to board and disembark. Older planes have screens with poor touchscreen responsiveness and poor resolution. I was surprised to see that the short-haul flights had better screens than the long-haul flights. I was on a 3 1/2 hour flight each way from Dubai/Delhi with beautiful screens but the long-haul each way from Dubai/Seattle had the crappy screens."
Negativ: "Boarding: by bus at BKK on a Boeing 777, not as expected with emirates, gate was set as “G1A”, we read this as Gate 1A, but needed to run from A1 all the way to G1, got late on the bus. Food: Chicken with peppers average, no good taste Drinks: had to broken cups, one on the top (changed that), one at the bottom with a hole in it. Red wine spilled all over my trousers and pullover. Shit happens, but (a) what about the quality of the goods and (b) how does the crew handle this? Crew/Service: Generally friendly, but the guy who served the red wine had no clue how to handle this: 1. Red wine on cloth is bad to clean 2. After I complained about a possible problem with cleaning and the possibility that the stain would stay, no reaction, only sortiere and the Recommendation from him was to use soda water which was actually not at hand and took him more then 10min to bring it. 3. I requested for the supervisor. She was very friendly and took my email address to write a report on this. I am now waiting for reaction and possible refund for cleaning or more. Another drink was offered but that was all until now. So I am curious about the reaction from Emirates. Overall it seemed like Emirates has a bad standing in BKK: - Bus boarding on B777 - No clear information about gate - Bad quality of material (cups) - For Emirates under average food quality Additional remark: The following connection flight from DXB to DUS, was very good, overall quality as expected from Emirates, food and staff was very good. So the above review from BKK -> DXB might have been an exception."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war ausgesprochen nett, das Essen war sehr gut"
Positiv: "Es war einfach alles perfekt"
Positiv: "Movie choice"
Negativ: "Noise, attitude, boardinv"
Positiv: "Der Flug ist zwar verspätet gestartet, aber die Piloten haben die Verspätung fast wieder rausgeholt. Das Essen war genial und vor allem Metallbesteck in der Economy, wo es sonst nur Plastik gibt. Dazu eine gute Getränkeauswahl. Der Rotwein war sehr lecker."
Positiv: "Footrest would be good for a long haul flight."
Negativ: "in-flight staff were not polite, pushing past passengers without any word; such a disappointment as I expected much higher standard of service and courtesy. Nothing beats Singapore Airlines."
Positiv: "komfortabel, gute unterhaltung, problemloses boarding, angenehmer flug."
Negativ: "schwacher service"
Positiv: "Pünktlicher Start und aufmerksame Flugbegleiter besonders mit unserem 6 Monate alten Sohn sehr bemüht. Top Entertainement-Angebot."
Negativ: "Das Essen war auf dem Hinflug besser, Schade, dass es keinen separaten Krabbelbereich für Baby existiert."

I booked this through Travelgenio and requested a cancellation due to COVID related impact. Their customer service was absolutely terrible and they informed me after the flight had departed that they could not cancel my ticket. Worst experience, will never use them again. Strongly reconsidering using Kayak in future given how poor the travelgenio experience has been.

Negativ: "The flight delay could have been announced over the speakers"
Positiv: "Everything was good . Yhe only problem is the small portions of food."
Negativ: "Captain concern about security."
Positiv: "Apart from the delay everything was quite good."
Negativ: "The delay of over 1 hour was a bit nerve-racking as we were close to missing our connecting flight."
Positiv: "Service, food, excellent. Most of all, the new entertainment system & window in bathroom!"
Negativ: "1. Business class crew stomped around the cabin, making it noisy, and woke me up constantly. 2. Gallery is very loud and badly situated in business class. 3. Chair itself is old & although it’s lie-flat, makes a very uncomfortable night’s sleep."
Positiv: "They are amazing"
Negativ: "The in flight entertainment is very old."
Positiv: "Vegetarian oriental meal was good. Movie selection was good."
Negativ: "Plane was delayed 1 hr. I was not notified on time to go make arrangements to go to the airport a little later."
Positiv: "everything"
Negativ: "nothing"
Negativ: "About cabin crew for for more smile"
Positiv: "Excellent crew"
Negativ: "It was nice experience"
Positiv: "seat very comfortable"
Negativ: "food and inflight entertaitment with very few choices are very poor - flight attendant always on the PA for meaningless message in 3 languages"
Positiv: "Standard of the flight was good"
Negativ: "Cabin personal was unengaged rude and everything than helpful"
Positiv: "Checkin experience was great. Boarding was great. The crew was great"
Negativ: "The movies were old. Not many new releases to choose from"
Negativ: "flight delayed as always"
Negativ: "1h30 delayed as usual"
Negativ: "Alles. Selbst die Billig-Airlines in Asien sind weit besser."
Positiv: "Eigentlich gar nichts"
Negativ: "Ich hätte wahrscheinlich gute Chancen Cathay auf Schmerzensgeld zu verklagen wegen den engen Sitzen. Die Beinfreiheit entspricht Domestic-Flights und nicht Langstrecken-Standard. Und die Sitzbreite spottet jedem Vergleich. Der Service war lausig und das Essen miserabel."
Negativ: "I am traveling on a regular routine between Hong Kong and Delhi. The Indian Cathay ground staff is more than incompetent and this is - unfortunately - not an exception. Thanks god as soon as you boarding the carrier you feel immediately back in good, competent and safe hands."
Positiv: "I don't know why now there was no little gift or stuff keep kids busy during the flight, but only movie."
Negativ: "keep providing little gifts for kids"
Positiv: "Loved the crew, very helpful and attentive."
Negativ: "Food could be better. No goodies like toothbrush or paste or sleep mask, but this is minor. Website is really bad and hard to check-in online. They could really simplify the website and allow folks to add their favorite miles in there. just so complicated to do anything on the website."
Positiv: "Seat uncomfortable even though there was plenty of leg room"
Positiv: "A perfect landing/touchdown into Auckland. Great pilot"
Negativ: "Passenger immediately behind said that they couldn't watch their movie properly when I wanted to recline my seat for sleeping position. Had to wait!!"
Positiv: "Ein Flug-Erlebnis, wie es sein soll: pünktliche Start und Landung, neue, saubere Maschine, freundliches und bemühtes Personal, leckeres Essen - unser erster und mit Sicherheit nicht letzter Flug mit Cathay Pacific."
Positiv: "Ein Flug-Erlebnis, wie es sein soll: pünktliche Start und Landung, neue, saubere Maschine, freundliches und bemühtes Personal, leckeres Essen - unser erster und mit Sicherheit nicht letzter Flug mit Cathay Pacific."
Positiv: "On this trip being able to sleep huge a huge benefit"
Positiv: "Smooth and pleasant flight with no interruptions which enabled sleep on a long overnight flight. The plane was older than on the previous flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong and was noticably short on toilets for the number of passengers."
Negativ: "Food was mediocre in flavour and variety."
Positiv: "On time. Got an isle seat."
Positiv: "Essen, Filme"
Positiv: "Filme, Essen"
Negativ: "Altes, etwas heruntergekommenes Flugzeug, schlechte Sitze (zu klein, unbequem), wenig Beinfreiheit (bin 1.85m) in der Economy Class, super hässliches Trinkwasser (offen im Becher)."
Positiv: "Neueres Flugzeug, gute Beinfreiheit"
Negativ: "Etwas kleine Sitze"
Positiv: "same"
Negativ: "same"
Positiv: "Flight was very smooth and pleasant. The entertainment was great with lots of choices. Premium economy seats on A350 was amazing. Very similar to Qants reganal business class on their 737. But how ever the seats on their A330 was average. But otherwise all was good. I would recommend Cathay."
Negativ: "The food was very small portion and average in taste. The crew took a wile to take the trays and clear after all ate."
Positiv: "Nothing much. Travelling in economy class for long flights is always a miserable experience. I can't afford to fly business and I am compelled to travel due to personal reasons"
Negativ: "With the new security rules for flights to the US, they took my water bottle at the gate during boarding. I was dehydrated during the whole flight. The small cup of water they give during the flight is not enough for me."
Positiv: "Siehe ersten Flug"
Negativ: "Siehe ersten Flug"
Positiv: "The service"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "As usual, the crew was great and the planes and pilots are great also. CP is always punctual, as well."
Negativ: "I'm 6-4 , so I enjoy any extra space I can get. For this reason, I like the CP planes that seem to have more space than competitors. However, when the person in front of me reclines for the ENTIRE flight, my screen is too low to watch, I cannot use my try to eat and its like having someone laying in your should not be allowed ( reclining)."
Positiv: "I normally fly Delta (Platinum member), but the price this time I thought was ridiculous. I bought the flight on Cathay for 45 percent less and actually I found the service and food quality was better. Both seats were about the same in comfort......So I would do it again"
Negativ: "A Economy flight is an economy flight....what else can I say"
Positiv: "I was told there would be WiFi on the plane from Chicago to Hong Kong. There was not. Very disappointed. It was hot and not a lot of air circulation. And the seats are hard."
Positiv: "Der Flug war pünktlich, das Essen lecker und daß Bordprogramm super. Das Personal war auch sehr freundlich."
Positiv: "The organization of the boarding was well done. The plane was comparatively roomy, the servers were efficient."
Negativ: "The boarding was delayed and although the stewards were efficient, little things like running out of noodles and running out of the chicken option on the dinner menu marred the service."
Positiv: "Aufmerksames Personal und pünktlicher Flug, Essen war schmackhaft , gutes Unterhaltungsprogramm, angenehmer Sitzabstand und -breite in normaler Economy"
Negativ: "Crew was always in hurry"
Positiv: "Seats weren't much comfortable."
Negativ: "Food wasn't bad but above average."
Positiv: "Great food and leg room"
Negativ: "Did not leave enough time for a smooth transfer between flights"
Positiv: "Perso al war nett auch wenn Upgrade niht möglich war"
Negativ: "Essen War sehr lecker"
Positiv: "Everyone is kind!"
Positiv: "Quick boarding and very polite crew"
Negativ: "The only issue was 30 minutes waiting in HK to take off and 30 mins circling Manila waiting to land....... both of which were neither an issue with CP."
Positiv: "freundlichkeit"
Negativ: "unpünktlichkeit"
Positiv: "freundlichkeit"
Negativ: "unpünktlichkeit"

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Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta (CGK)Indonesien

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