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Top 5 Airlines auf der Strecke Duesseldorf Intl – Auckland

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Korean AirErgebnis aus 5178 Bewertungen

The flight was delayed and packed. No regular updates from the pilot regarding the arrival time

Mehr zu Korean Air

The flight was delayed and packed. No regular updates from the pilot regarding the arrival time

Die 737-900 ist sehr eng. Unterhaltung oder Catering ist auf dem kurzem Flug nicht. Pünktlich angekommen, Koffer gab es schnell. Alles gut!

In der Economy erstaunlich viel Platz. Für den kurzen Flug wurde eine A330 benutzt mit zwei Klassen Konfiguration (lie flat in C). Es gab noch nicht einmal eine Flasche Wasser, aber sonst war alles tadellos im ausgebuchten Flieger. Viel Platz im Overhead Bin, weil ein Koffer immer gratis dabei ist. Klare Empfehlung!

Rude gate staff, not much service on plane

I couldn't abord my flight because of the airline and I didn't get my money back 😓 + I'm a military service member I'm late to my duty called. So I didn't get my money back and I had to buy another flight.

Positiv: "Everything that was offered snacks, pillow,"
Negativ: "More water!"
Positiv: "Food was good."
Negativ: "Not enough soft drinks and ice has to be asked for."
Negativ: "Being notified in advance that the flight was going to be delayed 40 minutes instead of waiting until the scheduled boarding time to say there was a delay and the delay time was undetermined."
Positiv: "Friendly crew, 747-8 upper deck window seats in business have lots of storage at the under window bins"
Negativ: "I was looking forward to flying a 747-8 again, it’s a nice aircraft but I found it more noisy than 787 and 350. Meals were very Asian oriented, entertainment had limited options. Had expected better on such a comparative route across the pacific"
Positiv: "I always love Korean Air crew, you do have 5-star staff!"
Negativ: "I can’t think of anything for now! Overall I had a great flight."
Positiv: "Cleanliness and more leg room"
Negativ: "Serve the coffee/tea with the breakfast/meal not after."
Positiv: "service/food excellent"
Negativ: "old aircraft with outdated and worn 'cradle' seats that are hard to find these days. Unlike claimed it is not a flatbed type."
Positiv: "Great leg room even for tall person. Food is good and there's enough choices."
Positiv: "Professionalism, appearance, flight attendants, provided slippers and toothbrush, seat space, great food and drinks"
Negativ: "The movie selection was small and a bit outdated"
Positiv: "service, food, kindness"
Negativ: "none"
Positiv: "Everything, the crew was outstanding. I haven't flew with all airlines but Koren Air was so good that I don't want to fly with any other airline, all ways Koren Air from here on out."
Negativ: "The second meal wasn't the greatest but I think it was me not the food."
Positiv: "Selection of movies are great. They are new release and blockbusters"
Negativ: "Its just because a 16 hours total flights. My body is sore from sitting long time in small seats and not a lot of room to move around."
Positiv: "Korean Air is a cut above other airlines. The staff is professional and apparently very well trained. We received excellent customer service."
Positiv: "Very organized"
Negativ: "Wish the cabin crew speak more universal language, English, and the snack between meals more regularly without having to ask."
Positiv: "on time, good service and food"
Positiv: "I liked the seats and the comfort."
Negativ: "The dinner didn't taste that good. The portion was small and I was hoping they would have Kalbi."
Negativ: "Our flight got delayed 4 times and we moved gates 3 times. The communication on which gate we needed to go to wasnt good. We almost missed it cause we didint catch the last swit"
Positiv: "Once we were on board. the service was good"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed 24hrs which is not the fault of Korean airlines however Boarding was so disorgainsed with no information on the process, almost no priority boarding. We were told that people with boarding passes of the original flight date had to wait for more recent passes. This led many to think that they would be kicked off the flight after waiting 24hrs. Once we did finally board we found that they had made a mistake and had to deboard a passenger resulting in an extra hour delay"
Positiv: "Nothing at all. It was hell and you should be ashamec ofhiw you treated me."
Negativ: "Everything. You have THE worst customer servive evet."
Negativ: "delayed 1:50 hrs."
Positiv: "Considerate Staff"
Negativ: "Business would be better; customs in Seoul are very slow."
Positiv: "Food and assistance"
Negativ: "nONE"
Positiv: "다 좋은데 한가지 불만사항 : 인터넷에서 구매했다는 이유로 Mileage 로 Upgrade 가 안된다는데 그럼 KAL 대리점도 없는 이곳에서 mileage 는 언제 사용 ?"
Positiv: "The service and entertainment"
Negativ: "Sitting down 12 hrs it was very painful to be sitting that long. My seat eould heat up and it was uncomfortable also. I couldn't sleep during the flight"
Positiv: "Everyone was so pleasant and helpful."
Negativ: "More leg room is needed!"
Negativ: "Cabin temperature was too high"
Positiv: "Loved it!"
Positiv: "The meals were really good for plane food, the flight attendants came around often offering water or juice, and really competitive price for tickets."
Positiv: "Again plenty of food and beverages."
Positiv: "I like the City airport service in Seoul, you can drop off your luggage early so you can enjoy the city more."
Negativ: "They are not quite ready for their electronic boarding pass and apple watch features. Although they have an App, it only goes far as checking in 48 hours early. The food is not good."
Positiv: "There was enough leg space even though we were couch and the flight attendants were nice. They also fed us regularly and gave out snacks and drinks so this made the 15 hours plane ride more pleasant."
Negativ: "It was HOT. We and other passengers told the flight attendants about the heat but nothing really changed. The air circulation was poor and people were sweating on the plane. Because of this, it was stale and smelly. I'm not sure why the circulation on their plane was so poor but it really made the flight more difficult than it should have been."
Positiv: "I really liked how Korean Air had the next flights gate information on my boarding passes."
Positiv: "Great legroom, good food options, and professional staff. My only complaint is the somewhat limited entertainment selections. Overall a great experience."
Negativ: "Meal quality in economy is really poor, much poorer compared to four years ago, when I last flew Korean Air, and poorer than Asiana, which I flew last year. Flight attendant serving our section kept knocking into aisle seat passenger, including knocking over his coffee cup and spilling coffee all over him and the passenger next to him. Flight attendant's reaction was to panic instead of handing over napkins or paper towels - was mopping up with my napkins and tissues by the time she showed up with some paper towels. I was left with the impression that flight attendants were picked more for looks than competence. Checking in at Incheon took a very long time - they should open more counters or give warning to passengers of how long it can take."
Positiv: "Good accommodations were nice. I received a sleeping mask on my first leg without asking."
Negativ: "Little did I know there was a cat on the flight and my allergies started acting up. If I had known there was an animal on the plane, I would have taken some allergy medication."
Positiv: "On time takeoff and arrival"
Negativ: "Entertainment choices e.g. (movie choices) limited. alcoholic drink choices limited too"
Positiv: "First of all, you should not be charging a cancelation fee for unforeseen circumstance such as health problems. Second of all, I have not received a response yet from the emails I have been sending. It is extremely hard to call your hotline for foreigners."
Negativ: "Refund policy"
Positiv: "There was a delay in taking off from SFO but the attendants worked very hard at getting everyone on board and taken care of. I missed my connecting flight in Seoul because of the delay, but the attendant let me know well before that I would miss the flight. In Seoul they took me to their very nice Hyatt hotel where I stayed the night and they offered me a very excellent buffet dinner at no cost."
Negativ: "There was plenty of confusion with the ground crew in Seoul and I was lost trying to find my way to the station where I could find another flight to Hanoi. However, as soon as I found the Korean Air station, they took very good care of me."
Positiv: "Great support and communication from staff as well as compensation for free hotel."
Negativ: "Flights delayed"
Positiv: "Koreans are naturally respectful, making for a very pleasant flight"
Positiv: "Service, people, space, entertainment"
Negativ: "I'm vegetarian so there were no vegetarian options"
Positiv: "Great services"
Negativ: "The flight is too full"
Positiv: "Leg room was good"
Negativ: "Too tight beside neighboring seats"
Positiv: "I am giving my flight from Seoul to Bangkok 5 stars because the crew were just lovely. They were kind, attentive and ( shock) seemed to want to be on the flight. Too often nowadays it seems as if we( the paying customer) are nothing but a huge annoyance to the flight crew for daring to sk for a blanket, need a drink or to have to use the facilities. We had a screaming child in the row ahead most of the flight and one of the flightees went so far as to walk the toddler in her arms around the plane to help smooth her. The food reminded me of airlines meals years ago with a served roll and butter, main course ( beef with potatoes and veggies) , a tofu and soy sauce side and ice cream for dessert- no plastic silver wear here, proper solid stainless. Lots of juice and water on offer all flight and beer, wine etc with meal. American carriers should take a leaf out of this airline's book!"
Negativ: "Seats are cramped but manageable."
Positiv: "Leg room was more than most economy; however, my seat would not lay down and it was miserable for 11 hr ride from Korea to Los Angeles, California."
Negativ: "Seat would not lay down for 11 hours."

Neat and clean

Tolle Maschine und super angenehme Crew.

Extremer Stress nach dem Upgrade auf Business class. Super advisor war extrem unflexibel. Meine Kids wurden extrem unfreundlich behandelt. Nach diesem Flug hat Qatar einen treuen Business Kunden mit mir verloren.

Crew war nicht motiviert, hat Dinge vergessen, Bestellungen wurden ignoriert

Kayak canceled and re- issued my ticket at the last minute so my seating got messed up. They did it without my permission

Better boarding system than just 4 zones. Within each zone, boarding needs to be done with specific rows at a time.

Please refer to comments on previous flight.

ALX check in staff unprofessional attitude, unaware the employer rules & regulations and so much traylers suffer due to check it n staff non guidance approach


Positiv: "Yes the crew was amazing and food was good"
Negativ: "Rest area could had been better"
Positiv: "The crew was very friendly."
Negativ: "Seats can get better."
Positiv: "The aircraft was comfortable and the electronic amenities were decent and needs improvement"
Negativ: "Free WiFi and Dancing boys"
Negativ: "The lounge is a bit far from the departure gate, so I waited with regular economy class travelers. It would have been nice to have had a closer dedicated area for business class."
Positiv: "Easy and efficient boarding process, great Tv episodes selection"
Negativ: "Staff was slow to remove plates after eating"
Positiv: "Empty plane."
Negativ: "Service very reactive, particularly with so few passengers."
Positiv: "Die Crew war sehr nett und zuvorkommend."
Negativ: "Die Maschine war schon etwas alt."
Negativ: "More refreshments"
Positiv: "The crew was amazing. I upgraded to business class and am so happy I did for the 16 hour flight."
Negativ: "Food was atrocious!"
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Everything was good"
Negativ: "Veg Food"
Positiv: "War alles sehr gut!"
Negativ: "Nichts"
Positiv: "Qsuite is the best flight experience I've ever had by a long, long way."
Positiv: "Nice new plane Very friendly staff Acceptable entertainment system best is that you can skip the annoying advertisements"
Negativ: "Not enough personnel to serve food and drinks, way too slow Would work faster with two crew members per trolley. Run out of food until it was my turn... Seats are stiff and can be more comfortable like Qatar as in other Planes Choice of alcoholic drinks are limited, but this seems to be an issue with Qatar It seems Qatar likes to fill up middle seats instead of using the free aisle and or window seats"
Positiv: "Just as I thought it could not get any better The service was perfect. The privacy was superb and the comfort allowed me to sleep for a good while."
Negativ: "Nothing to dislike."
Negativ: "3,5h verspätet"
Positiv: "Everything really.They run the airline very smoothly and professionally from boarding to disembarking."
Negativ: "They tempt you with so much food lol although some of the food wasnt too appealing.toilets very clean and seemed to stay that way throughout long 17hr flight.good leg room for a long legged guy like me.felt sorry for lady with two young children.She could have been allocated better seats."
Positiv: "The leg room was huge, the food was excellent and a lot and the customer service was great not my first time to fly with Qatar and it won’t be my last, the made my trip worthwhile. Thank you"
Negativ: "No complaints great flight"
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Non"
Positiv: "I am very pleased to travel with Qatar airways. Qatar airways and Singapore Airlines are the best companies."
Negativ: "I was a little bit annoyed with the staff at the Doha airport at the boarding gate because she did not let me get in to boardin in priority even though with my privilege club card, I do have to insist after the call for zone 1 to proceed for boarding."
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Service and food were excellentpA"
Negativ: "Announcement volume too loud"
Negativ: "Was war denn hier los? -Beim Boarding mindesten 35°C im Flugzeug - nach 1 Std. Flug nur noch 15°C! -nicht ann alle Kinder wurde etwas zu spielen ausgeteilt. -Kinder bekamen nicht zu erst das Essen - trotz, dass das Flugzeug nicht voll besetzt war, ware nicht alle angebotenen Speisen vorrätig"
Negativ: "On my flight from PHL to KHI, both legs had perfect head/necks that were adjustable. But on the flight from DOH to PHL, the neck rest was awful - it only adjusted vertically (unlike the other flights), and it was too thick so that my neck was in an extremely uncomfortable position for 14 hours - not fun!"
Positiv: "boarding process was efficent"
Negativ: "delayed takeoff, delays on tarmac after landing/getting to gate, overly heated plane, hot food was served cold"
Positiv: "The insight service was good. Kind and welcoming attitude of the stewards are appreciated. There was no guile but genuine"
Negativ: "Answers from the staff was felt by me from the time I checked in Dallas to Bangalore and back.I will travel again by Qatar airways only. Please buy the air India inc ."
Positiv: "1: Flugpersonal wieder sehr gut. 2: Kleines Frühstück wurde zur Verfügung gestellt wegen verpassten Flug. 3: Wurden automatisch in den nächsten verfügbaren Flug gebucht."
Negativ: "1: Nach Boarding wurde der Bus voll geladen mit Menschen fuhr aber nicht sofort zum Flieger. Wir mussten ca 20 Minuten im vollgesteckten Bus warten bis wir aussteigen konnten. 2: Flug hatte wieder spätere Abflugzeit von 30 min. 3: Meiner Meinung nach könnte bei einem verpassten Flug eventuell ein Upgrade in die Business Class erfolgen, wenn man schon Stunden am Flughafen warten muss und viel später als geplant zuhause ankommt."
Positiv: "1: Flugpersonal sehr gut und bei der Situation hilfsbereit. 2: Gekühlte Getränke wurden serviert."
Negativ: "1: Flug wurde mindestens 6 mal zeitlich verschoben. 2: Wir mussten 1 1/2 Stunden in einem ungekühlten Flugzeug auf den Abflug warten bei 30 Grad Außentemperatur. 3: Uns wurde VERSPROCHEN wir erreichen unseren Anschlussflug - haben wir nicht. 4: Gäste wurden nicht aufgeklärt warum die eine Verspätung von fast 4h zustande kommt."
Positiv: "I loved the service. All of the attendants were really nice and helpful."
Negativ: "My tv on both 12 hr and 8 hr flights didn’t work well and the food wasn’t the best. Also they ran out of food options when they got to me twice."
Positiv: "Overall a good service with good food."
Negativ: "When flying from New Zealand to Doha, we departed Auckland at 15h25 and due to the time zone, most passengers body clocks would have been expecting sleep within a few hours. However we were flying West and thus into daylight. Sadly the window seated passengers were not asked to close their window blinds to block out the sunlight and many were left open. This made the cabin very bright and a difficult environment in which to sleep. Too much advertising before the on board videos, but otherwise content was good."
Positiv: "Bester Service den ich je erlebt habe"
Positiv: "Bester Service den ich je erlebt habe"
Positiv: "Everything."
Negativ: "N/A"
Positiv: "Great service and great meal options!"
Positiv: "350 von München nach Doha traumhaft. Personal auf beiden Flügen sehr gut."
Negativ: "777 von Doha nach BKK leider etwas alt."
Positiv: "Entertainment list were great."
Negativ: "Out dated inflight entertainment system"
Positiv: "Meals, comfort, and crew all above average."
Negativ: "Nothing really"
Negativ: "Better attitude of head attendant. Need to improve food. Not attentive."
Positiv: "Crew amazing."
Negativ: "Food variety should be increased."
Negativ: "Would be nice if they offered hot towels for the Economy passengers."
Positiv: "Very good"
Negativ: "Very good"
Negativ: "Same as before. Dirty and smelly. Food was ok."
Positiv: "Everything was excellent, crew, seat, food"
Negativ: "The person on duty at the desk of the lounge in Johannesburg was very unfriendly and even rude."
Negativ: "flight always late as usual"
Negativ: "Alles. Selbst die Billig-Airlines in Asien sind weit besser."
Positiv: "Eigentlich gar nichts"
Negativ: "Ich hätte wahrscheinlich gute Chancen Cathay auf Schmerzensgeld zu verklagen wegen den engen Sitzen. Die Beinfreiheit entspricht Domestic-Flights und nicht Langstrecken-Standard. Und die Sitzbreite spottet jedem Vergleich. Der Service war lausig und das Essen miserabel."
Negativ: "I am traveling on a regular routine between Hong Kong and Delhi. The Indian Cathay ground staff is more than incompetent and this is - unfortunately - not an exception. Thanks god as soon as you boarding the carrier you feel immediately back in good, competent and safe hands."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed for 4 hrs, the additional delays st the arrival airport."
Positiv: "Yup all gud"
Negativ: "All gud"
Negativ: "90 minutes delayed"
Positiv: "not too bad"
Negativ: "not too bad"
Positiv: "Food was amazing"
Negativ: "Delay flight and slow boarding and leaving plane."
Positiv: "Second time in less than two years and satisfied on both trips. Good work Cathay Pacific."
Positiv: "All the flights had bad Kosher food"
Negativ: "Both the USB and headphone Jacks were busted. Just had a bad seat this time."
Positiv: "A perfect landing/touchdown into Auckland. Great pilot"
Negativ: "Passenger immediately behind said that they couldn't watch their movie properly when I wanted to recline my seat for sleeping position. Had to wait!!"
Positiv: "Ein Flug-Erlebnis, wie es sein soll: pünktliche Start und Landung, neue, saubere Maschine, freundliches und bemühtes Personal, leckeres Essen - unser erster und mit Sicherheit nicht letzter Flug mit Cathay Pacific."
Positiv: "Ein Flug-Erlebnis, wie es sein soll: pünktliche Start und Landung, neue, saubere Maschine, freundliches und bemühtes Personal, leckeres Essen - unser erster und mit Sicherheit nicht letzter Flug mit Cathay Pacific."
Positiv: "Essen, Filme"
Positiv: "Filme, Essen"
Negativ: "Altes, etwas heruntergekommenes Flugzeug, schlechte Sitze (zu klein, unbequem), wenig Beinfreiheit (bin 1.85m) in der Economy Class, super hässliches Trinkwasser (offen im Becher)."
Positiv: "Neueres Flugzeug, gute Beinfreiheit"
Negativ: "Etwas kleine Sitze"
Positiv: "Liked: moive selection. Hagendazs ice cream. Flight went smooth."
Negativ: "My check in bag was lost. Hope to get it back in the next few days."
Positiv: "Smooth flight and service."
Negativ: "Only one water closet was available and there were no amenities given such as socks or toothbrush as other international flights provide."
Negativ: "The stopover in Hong Kong was longer than I would have liked."
Negativ: "Original itinerary was not followed. Flight from manila to hongkong was late. We arrived hongkong and was informed that our flight has been rebooked even though we can see that the plane was still there and staffs are still at the gate. We were transferred to a layover flight from HongKong to Aussie then Aussie to Auckland instead of going straight. Seats was set far apart with no competitions at all. Sorry is not enough for this big hassle."
Positiv: "Very courteous and helpful with handicapped people like my mom."
Negativ: "I can’t find a number to call to report an item left on the plane, and I would seriously pay a couple hundred extra dollars to any airline that offered a child-free flight."
Positiv: "Flight was delayed and the crew were very understanding of the inconvenience and late hour of the new arrival time."
Negativ: "Seat was very uncomfortable - struggled to sleep comfortably."
Positiv: "All went to schedule and flight attendants very good"
Positiv: "Boarding was smooth, attendants were great, entertainment had lots of options"
Negativ: "They only had this tasteless shrimp slop leftover by the time they got to me for dinner. I didn't eat it and asked for a snack after and was refused. Other than being hungry it was great. The next meal was fine also."
Negativ: "Can not catch up the fight to guangzhou"
Positiv: "Siehe ersten Flug"
Negativ: "Siehe ersten Flug"
Positiv: "Great staff and food"
Negativ: "Flight arrived from SFO 15 min late, and airline cancelled numerous connecting flights to various cities, including mine to Hanoi from Hong Kong. Offered to rebook 10hr later with 40 HK food credit. Happened to my uncle and cousins 1 month earlier on exact same legs. Would not recommend any layover with this airline in hong Kong for less than an hour. Numerous phone calls from me to sort this out, which resulted on another carrier to Hanoi."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "I’m still not there. They had me go to the airport 5 hours early to get a different flight cuz theirs was delayed then after not being able to make those flights carrying my 5 bags to 3 different terminals they said just go on their delayed flight and cuz they had over 80 people going on to Manila that they would hold the last flight there but when we landed we were informed going to a hotel and no compensation for it. I am extremely pissed off"
Positiv: "Short stop over"
Negativ: "Flight stewardess keeps saying "we don't have this, we don't have that, we run out of it"."
Negativ: "The toilets are small. Sinks clogged and do not drain properly. Toilet seat covers are sticky and stained."
Positiv: "I flew from NY to Phuket via Cathay Pacific which is a 22 hr flight! The crew was pleasant and friendly and took excellent care of my family and I. I would fly with them again anytime."
Negativ: "My only complaint, if I have to make any suggestions would be more leg room."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Service, food, disorganized staff, technical difficulties with entertainment system"
Positiv: "The crew is excellent. Travelling with baby and they take care of us attentively"
Negativ: "Delayed 30min in the end."
Positiv: "Der Flug war pünktlich, das Essen lecker und daß Bordprogramm super. Das Personal war auch sehr freundlich."
Positiv: "Aufmerksames Personal und pünktlicher Flug, Essen war schmackhaft , gutes Unterhaltungsprogramm, angenehmer Sitzabstand und -breite in normaler Economy"
Positiv: "On time"
Negativ: "Slow food service, average food. Slow after meal pick up."
Positiv: "The crew was very friendly for a change"
Negativ: "When an aerobridge is used, boarding should be sequential to avoid pile ups. First the last rows should be boarded, and then the start rows"
Positiv: "Perso al war nett auch wenn Upgrade niht möglich war"
Negativ: "Essen War sehr lecker"
Positiv: "Good food and service."
Negativ: "The premium economy cabin configuration - it was a full flight, I was seated at the right-hand side of the cabin, and the toilet is at the left, and it was not easy and having to step on people's feet to go to the tooilet."
Positiv: "...except the plane was dirty (dirt all over the ceiling above me, long black hairs on the pillow they gave me) and one of the stewardesses had a bad attitude with me. Otherwise it was great."
Negativ: "Plane not clean"



War super gut zufrieden danke

"Basic economy" tickets should be outlawed.

both flights were delayed

es gibt noch nicht mal mehr ein Getränk

On time, crew great, could not get boarding passes online was not able to access

Unterstützung für Rollstuhlfahrer prima !

Check-in Zürich: Rollstuhl war angemeldet, aber selbst auf Nachfrage fühlte sich niemand zuständig. Erst am Gate kam Unterstützung, aber da war es ja auch unvermeidlich (!?) Helsinki und Tromsö war vorbildlich!

Typischer inner-europäischer flug. Frühstück in der Business Class sehr rudimentär

Wir flogen Business Class Langstrecke auf dem A350. Das Bett ist etwas kurz und geht sehr spitz an den Füßen zu. Die bestellte Obstplatte war schwach.

We were traveling with a baby and they put us in separate seats when we had booked the seats together, we actually paid for 3 seats but due to an emergency the 3rd person couldn’t come. During the booking the American Airlines agents were unprofessional and rude to us. They made our first flight with our new born really stressful. At least the flying attendants during flight made it up and were caring, Proffessional and over the top to make sure we were comfortable. I bad story with a happy ending.

Gute Landung.

Seat allocation or lack of availability is a mystery. My wife and I had to sit apart from each other, and teenage children elsewhere but I checked in at the first possible opportunity (24 hours to flight) and at this stage 95% of all seats were gone. How is this possible? What can I do differently next to to be able to sit together with my ffamily on a long haul night flight?

Thanks alot

British Airways food was very tasteless but the staff were very accommodating for me and my baby boy.

Business class crew was extremely helpful and pleasant. Breakfast likewise - tasty, healthy and substantial. All in all, the flight itself was great, so kudos to Finnair. What a contrast, then, to the pitiable Terminal 8 at JFK, where it was almost impossible to even find a seat (no exaggeration!) before security.

Flight was missed and now we have to catch one the next day

Positiv: "Freundlicher, korrekter Service. Gute Information zum Stand der Reparatur und zu den Anschlussflügen in Helsinki. Effizientes Boarding. Beim Aussteigen, wurde uns noch mitgeteilt, dass unser Anschlussflug doch wartet."
Negativ: "Defekt am Fahrwerk musste untersucht und anschliessend repariert werden. Dies führte zu etwas mehr als einer Stunde Abgangsverspätung. Anschlussflug in Helsinki wurde zuerst als verpasst angezeigt."
Positiv: "It was the best flight I’ve ever had. Friendly, polite and very careful crew. It was very pleasant to be on board. Clean, nice climate control, no any smell. The food was tasty and on time, the beverages were widely presented from juices to red and white wine or beer...so The time passed quickly"
Negativ: "Only the other trip by air with Finair"
Positiv: "At least the crew was friendly"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed for 1 hour and we were sitting inside the airbus with no air condition due to technical difficulties on 35 degrees sweating like pigs. No water or snack was offered even though the delay was so big."
Positiv: "Lovely crew, very good entertainment system."
Positiv: "Pünktlich, Freundlich, organisiert."
Negativ: "Kopfhörerbuchse leider defekt"
Positiv: "Pünktlich, kurzer Transit in HEL"
Positiv: "Pünktlich, kurzer Transit in HEL"
Positiv: "I got to my destination"
Negativ: "Endless waiting and lost luggage. Excuse was unpredicted weather conditions. It was snowing in Finland so they had to clear the Ice from the planes.. Snowing in Finland? How uncommon is that during December? I think most of this is poor ground handling In Helsinki."
Positiv: "Kindness of the staff, quick check in, wonderful healthy food, my seat and overall experience."
Negativ: "Limited controls on the entertainment."
Positiv: "am Gate von Eco comfort auf Business upgegradet worden, was kann man da noch bekritteln ..."
Negativ: "Stewardess hat wohl das Gate-Upgrade mitbekommen, auf Hauptgang "vergessen", zwei Gin Tonics geordert, der zweitere bestand nur mehr aus Gin - im Unterschied zur äußerst charmanten, bemühten und zuvorkommenden Stewardess bei meinem Reisepartner im Nebengang"
Positiv: "schnelles Boarding, pünktlicher Start, Blueberry-Juice top"
Negativ: "gibt es auf so ner Kurzstrecke nichts zu meckern, sogar Duty-Free Verkauf - ist man auf der Kurzstrecke gar nicht mehr gewohnt"
Positiv: "It was on one of their newer planes which meant that we had decent comfort and entertainment!"
Negativ: "The seats were staggered between the middle and sides, so my family was eventually split across two rows. I hadn't expected that."
Positiv: "I wish I found somebody to take me around"
Negativ: "No complains"
Positiv: "Environmentally mindful with some packaging"
Negativ: "There were no menu options for vegetarians on either meal. Several screens were not working, despite multiple reboot attempts."
Positiv: "Experience at HEL airport was easy and stress-free. Appreciated priority security option so my line was such shorter."
Negativ: "I waited over 45 minutes for my luggage at baggage claim."
Negativ: "Could take the flight, your website did not advise that my passport required a Schengen VISA just to transition to my Final destination. Then My reservation was cancelled by FINNAIR"
Negativ: "So eingepfercht hab ich noch nie gesessen. Grauenhaft."
Positiv: "Sehr angenehme und bemühte Crew - wirklich super!"
Negativ: "1 Deutscher Film im Angebot"
Positiv: "Freundliche FB, aber unerfahren"
Negativ: "2,5 Stunden Verspätung. Crew lässt anytime die Eco Pate in die Business. Nach unseren Jacken durften wir bei Landung suchen. Es gab kein Feuchttuch beim Start. Catering war ungenießbar. Es gab zum Salat Nicoles (ohne Thunfisch und Ei) noch nicht einmal Brot. Meine eigentliche Auswahl war bereits ausverkauft. Nur ein Film auf Deutsch!"
Positiv: "Enge, unbequeme Sitze"
Positiv: "Full Flat Sitze, viel Platz bei Einzelsitzen, freundliches und aufmerksames Personal."
Positiv: "Service was good"
Negativ: "Sitting in last row of business, coach passengers talking loud, bumping and kicking my seat back. I wouldn't call it business at all."
Positiv: "problemloser, schneller check in und schnelles boarding. Ruhiger Flug - überpünktlich..."
Positiv: "Staff were helpful and nice."
Negativ: "No snack serve and no entertainment."
Positiv: "Flug hatte 30 min Verspätung aber das kann passieren . Pilot hat sehr niedliches deutsch gesprochen und sich sehr nett entschuldigt . Habe daher Zug verpasst nach hamburg und damit Abend Termin . Hatte am service Gate gefragt , ob ich direkt auf den Flug nach hamburg tauschen kann - es gab freie Plätze und ich hätte einen für 622 Euro kaufen können. Warum muss das anders sein als beim Zug ? Fliegen ist wie Zug fahren . Ich habe auch mein Ticket (79 Euro ) mit der dB für eine Bearbeitungsgebühr von 19 Euro tauschen können .. und die was nicht schuld und hat einen schlechten Ruf ;) gerne flexibler werden wenn Flexibilität von Passagieren erwartet wird . Danke , dass sie das ausrichten .. viele Grüße"
Negativ: "My meal had rice that was severely undercooked. The audio quality on the entertainment system was very bad and no English subtitles were available for the majority of the movies."
Negativ: "Wenig essen wenig platz wenig alkohol an board ...."
Positiv: "I loved the colors of the flight.light blue and green. Gave a peaceful ambience. The flight attendants were very courteous and smiling. Especially the women flight attendants. The food was excellent. It was interesting that the flight from Helsinki to Chicago served a Indian style dinner comprising of lentils, rice and chickpeas. I liked that too, though I prefer the meditarranean fare. I liked the boarding as they were very strict about families with children and gave them priority before other passengers."
Negativ: "I did not find too many indian films which I would have liked, especially in a flight because Indian movies are 3 hours long and help to pass the time quickly :). I would have liked more variety in the Hollywood movies as well. They mostly had much older films and hardly any of the new releases while Emirates flight had lot many more new releases and oscar winning movies. They served the Indian amul cheese which is not worthy of serving on a flight, and they could have served some better cheese."
Negativ: "The food was not good although plentiful The seats were not made for a long-haul flight We received no overnight bag (eye masks, ear plugs, toothbrush, etc.)"
Positiv: "Like that you served Finnish food! many choices of films to watch was great too!"
Positiv: "Crew was pleasant and accommodating, Food was decent (for airline food). Delay in take off not fault of Finnair"
Negativ: "General airplane room issues"
Positiv: "My flight was very pleasant and comfortable. It was one of the few times I was actually able to fall asleep on a plane. I also like that this is the first airline that served me blueberry juice which I thought was good."
Negativ: "My only dislike was that we left 45 minutes late. Maybe it was not a good situation for some passengers who had to connect immediately, but I still made it in time for my connecting flight."


"Free" entertainment was difficult to access. Wifi was not readily available, hard to connect.

Positiv: "Amazingly helpful and friendly crew."
Negativ: "Affordable fares equates to small space."
Positiv: "The crew was great. They especially did a remarkable job keeping bathrooms clean."
Negativ: "Food is definitely not as good as international airlines."
Negativ: "Checking bags in PHF very poor. Disorganized and poorly managed. Staff needs more training and explicit direction. Kiosks should ALL be in working condition!"
Negativ: "kleines Frühstück für umsonst"
Positiv: "Awesome Customer Service"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Food was surprisingly tasty for airplane food, vote would be lovely if someone could figure out how to produce a hash brown at the passenger seat without having it be limp"
Negativ: "I’m guessing that a great many passengers would happily pay 10% more on their fair to have 10% fewer seats on board so that was actually possible to achieve a state of modest comfort while flying in a 12 hour flight."
Positiv: "Gratis Upgrade in die First bekommen - eigene Suite!"
Negativ: "alles gut"
Positiv: "Included beverage"
Negativ: "No headphones"
Positiv: "Das bordprogramm filmauswahl"
Negativ: "Vom Einchecken übers umsteigen war alles schlecht organisiert Und am Ende ging auch noch mein Gepäck verloren!"
Positiv: "Sehr nette crew"
Negativ: "Crew kannte die Maschine nicht, Fluggäste wurden gratis umgesetzt"
Positiv: "Könnten einen früheren Flug finden"
Negativ: "Leider nicht den gleichen Status bekommen"
Positiv: "0ntime quick boarding"
Negativ: "cost to check baggage"
Positiv: "Flugzeug war ein altes Flugzeug meine ich. Durchdas es nicht voll besetzt war hatte ich einen 3er Sitz für mich alleine. Super Besatzung wirkte auf mich gestresst ganzes Team war auch untereinander nicht harmonisch. Bordunterhaltung gabs nur in Oben alle 3 bis Sitzreihen einen TV dort konnte man Film schauen, nicht nach eigener Wahl. Sonst konnte man Film und Unterhaltung im Händy oder schauen Tablet herunterladen.Brauchst einfach gute Batterien dafür es gab keine Auflade Möglichkeiten, nur am Airport."
Negativ: "Besatzung Bordunterhaltung Verpflegung,alles mit Kartongschachteln wurdest nicht gefragt was du willst. Wurde einfach wauf den Klapptisch hingeknallt. Alles in allem sonst ruhig sauber und in Ordnung."
Positiv: "Dass ich sogar einen Kaffe und einkleiner Snack in Form von kleienem Keks bekam. Ich war vorbereitet, dass ich nichts erhalte.Hatte etwas zu Essen dabei. Freundliches Personal Bordunterhaltung nur bezahlbar und übers Laptop oder Handy Hatte Auflade Möglichkeiten beim vorder Sitz.."
Positiv: "Connections were good. Travel overnight ideal. Food good."
Negativ: "A wheelchair was requested in Philadelphia, but it was not there. The crew called 8 times, but no one came. I finally grabbed an abandoned wheelchair and pushed my mom through 2 terminals to catch our plane that was already boarding. ☹️"
Positiv: "The flight was pleasant"
Negativ: "American Airlines lost my bags and my wife’s bag and give almost zero resolution to the problem. I was told multiple times that it would be at our hotel the next day only to never show up. We Continued to be lied to about our bags."
Positiv: "Everything."
Negativ: "Waiting for 30 minutes a Dublin to dock."
Negativ: "Keine Boarungerhaltung, unfreundliches Personal, grosse Verspätungen und enge Sitze. Und dies alles für Interkontinentalraketen Flügen. Alles schlecht bei American Airlines. Nie mehr."
Positiv: "Quiet, flight. Full but you wouldn't have known it. Had an issue with lavatory door not closing right. Turns out an AA mechanic was a passenger and fixed it!"
Negativ: "I didn't find out until in the air that I needed to download the AA streaming app ahead of time to watch movies on the plane"
Positiv: "Newer aircraft, comfortable seats"
Negativ: "Connection to inflight entertainment was complicated and lengthy, barely got access to it for 45 min"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war freundlich und aufmerksam. Leider sind beide Flüge verspätet abgeflogen."
Negativ: "Essen war sehr gut. Sitzplätze gemütlich mit genug Platz für Beine."
Positiv: "I liked the wide and spacious seating."
Negativ: "Due to the planes running late we had to board the plane without the plane being cleaned beforehand. I had to ask a stewardess to wipe down the crumbs and spilt coffee on my seat before I could sit down. It was REALLY disgusting!!! There was crumbs all over the seats, Seatbelts and floor."
Positiv: "At Least the Staff was keeping us updated."
Negativ: "No good-faith gesture was offered for the long delay. My associate and I completely missed an important dinner meeting with the rest of our team! Our team takes this trip each year and we have always drove. It' short and I then have transportation when I arrive. This year we decided to fly because it's even easier. This particular flight from Phoenix to Vegas took us longer then if we were to drive and I then spent more in RideShare. I won't be doing it again next year."
Positiv: "The staff was great, luckily an pretty empty flight"
Negativ: "The food in coach is a disgrace. It’s terrible a few $$ More and it would actually be have way decent"
Positiv: "Alle waren aufmerksam, auf dem Flug selbst lief alles reibungslos."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte 30 Minuten Verspätung und mein Koffer traf mit einem eheren Flieger ein und stand deshalb relativ unbeaufsichtigt in der Gegend rum."
Negativ: "Seats are too narrow"
Positiv: "Amazing flight..,......... Great service"
Negativ: "Im Prinzip war der Flug in time gelandet. Aber dann 40 Minuten gewartet bis ein Gate frei ist. Danach ewiges warten auf den Koffer. Sehr schlechter Service, keine Informationen."
Negativ: "American wins tge coach torture contest!"
Negativ: "American Airlines won't let you buy emergency row exit seats (or bulk head) because the 'code share' prevents them from advance seat sales. I was told I could do it at check in in Los Angeles. But those seats were sold out long before we even got to LA! I contacted American Airlines Customer Relations about 1 month prior to my flight. I completed their online form detailing the problem and asked if there is any way I could buy extra leg room seats. But they never even bothered to respond. I got the automated email acknowledging receipt of my complaint and assuring me I would be contacted soon. NOT!!"
Positiv: "The Boeing 787 from LAX to Auckland was noticeably more comfortable than the Airbus 321 I flew to LAX to start the trip. Food was actually good!"
Negativ: "For an obviously new aircraft the space between rows was horrendous. I am 5ft4in tall and when I sat down my knees touched the seat in front of me. When the passenger in front of me tilted his seat back I couldn’t even cross my legs! I like Qantas but I have learned to abhor American Airlines (which operated this flight), next time I will probably use Air New Zealand purely because of the seat situation."
Negativ: "Food service was not announced. Take off was delayed one hour"
Positiv: "New plane, great crew on board."
Negativ: "seats were hard especially for a 13 1/2 hour flight."
Positiv: "The overall service x"
Positiv: "NOTHING"
Negativ: "AA did not wait for us. Just closed the gate after we showed the boarding passes. Unbelievable. They did not reallocated in later flight, only standby. Finally got a connection 6h later. NBaggage was damaged at arrival in DCA. Could it be any worse"
Positiv: "Very upset this was an American Airlines Plane and not Quantas. There was very little room so it was an extremely uncomfortable 13+ hour redeye flight."
Negativ: "Bait and switch tactics, size of seats."
Positiv: "Smooth flight with great service."
Positiv: "The food was good, the crew was very professional. The flight was on time. The seats were OK, but not conducive to sleeping."
Negativ: "We weren't assigned seats together. It ultimately worked out OK because I was assigned to sit between a mother and her young child. They asked if they could have my middle seat so they could sit together - hurray! After that, the person in the aisle seat next to my husband was willing to swap her aisle seat for my new-found aisle seat. But on long flights, greater efforts should be made to seat couples together."
Positiv: "Flug Personal war OK aber für sitze waren sehr klein und musste Arm gegen Arm mit Sitznachbarn fliegen. (Unsere Maschine war ein Boeing 787)."
Negativ: "Essen war auch nicht sehr gut."
Positiv: "Almost all parts were more than satisfactory as expected"
Negativ: "Didn't enjoy nor appreciate the nearly 9 hour delay due to plane maintenance issues."
Positiv: "Smooth operation, on time"
Negativ: "Seat pitch on the plane unbelievably cramped. When seats are so close that if you drop something on the floor you have to be a contortionist to get it, you know it's a problem NEVER fly the 787-900 economy."
Negativ: "The seats were really bad, it was our first trip on a 787 and I will never do it again. Not as bad as the Airbus from MIA but considering it's 13 hours it was totally rubbish. We normally fly the 777 with Air NZ, after this we will go back to them. The staff, as always were helpfull and pleasant, the plane was quiet but the seats....."
Negativ: "A couple of flight attendants were a bit grumpy/short with passengers. Lack of food definitely not ideal but glad they could get something given circumstances with health department. Still waiting for promised vouchers to arrive."
Positiv: "The flight attendants were very quick with requests. Food was good."
Negativ: "As always economy could use more leg room. I guess that’s always a complaint unless you spend a small upgrade for better seats."
Negativ: "It was advertised that one can see entertainment through WIFi, but from my iPad, i can't connect to this WiFi. I tried several times until I just gave up."
Positiv: "The entertainment selection was pretty good on the flight. That is my only positive experience."
Negativ: "The seats were incredible jam-packed together. We had a 9 1/2 hour flight from Tokyo and could not even sit without our knees touching the seat in front of us. My tray table couldn't even properly extend -- the seats are so tight my tray just folded up on top of me. The food was BAD. 1/3 edible out of each course, consistently. I saw other passengers also dumping untouched trays of mystery meat that came as a side. They handed out egg-tomato-cucumber sandwiches which were inedible. The tomato had gone bad and the egg had a sour taste -- I gagged when I took the first bite. I'm especially disappointed with the seat spacing, though. I had a really difficult time getting in/out of the seating aisle to use the restroom. Even with our bags stored under the seat, I couldn't get in without tripping on/getting my foot caught in the strap of our purses/backpack. I couldn't even turn on one side without my arms or legs touching the passenger next to me -- sore neck, sore back, and still couldn't even get a wink of sleep. I will not be flying internationally with American Airlines again. They are the epitome of an airline trying to cash in on as many seats as possible. Save yourself the trouble and fly Japan Airlines directly -- their food was great and their seats were very comfortable."
Positiv: "Food! Friendly crew"

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Flug Düsseldorf - Auckland


Düsseldorf (DUS)Deutschland


Auckland (AKL)Neuseeland

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Auckland - Düsseldorf


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2.928 €
1.275 €

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1.131 €

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